The Robin/Castle babies have arrived!

Posted By on October 27, 2016

Robin presented us with three puppies on 10-26-2016 in the afternoon. We were expecting at least four puppies, but sonograms are not that accurate when it comes to a head count. It is a very exciting time getting those puppies out and making sure all is well. It is also fun to see what colors we get and how many girls VS boys.

What Robin actually had was three little girls– a dark sable, a sable merle, and a tricolor. We will have to wait a few weeks before we know whether each of them will be rough or smooth coated. 

The first 48 hours is a critical time. Collie babies are fragile little creatures. We hope and pray all three girls will be running around and jumping in our laps in a few weeks.  Robin is being a good mom, and we are hoping her babies will thrive.

We don’t usually make a big thing about Halloween, but with it so close, we gave Robin’s girls some more or less Halloween themed names. These are just call names that will no doubt be changed later.

The bigger sable merle girl is a cutie we are calling Pumpkin (Spice).

The smaller dark sable girl reminded me of some Halloween candy we have here– so she is Tootsie (Roll).

We are calling the little tricolor girl Hilda- as in Broom-Hilda – a cartoon witch. 

Here are some pix of her pups at about 18 hours old.


Left to Right- Pumpkin, Tootsie, Hilda -10 27 16



L to R Hilda, Tootsie, Pumpkin


L to R- Hilda, Pumpkin, Tootsie




Robin's Castle pups at 18 hrs
















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