Poppy’s Gang of Eight- plus an update on Pumpkin & Tootsie

Posted By on January 9, 2017

Poppy and Doss 1 09 2017


At twelve days old, I’m happy to report that Poppy’s babies are all doing well. It’s against Poppy’s normal routine to be still and stay in one place for so many hours feeding puppies, but she is being a good mom and taking care of her pups. Even the little white girl, Celeste, is hanging in there. She is smaller by far than the others, but full of life and very resourceful. We help Celeste get her turn at nursing time, and she sneaks in and finds devious ways to get bonus feedings on her own.

I took some pictures of the puppies this weekend. They are a long way from photogenic at this age. By the next weekend they should have their eyes open and be slightly easier to photograph. I think these are some BEAUTIFUL  young puppies. My pictures don’t do them justice.

I have been thinking about what to name them. These are extra special puppies because Poppy is so special to me. We recently went to see an outstanding movie called Hacksaw Ridge. It’s a true WW II story about the only Conscientious Objector to ever win the Congressional Medal of Honor. A young man from Kentucky called Desmond Doss saved the lives of at least 75 soldiers in a hot zone under control of the Japanese forces.  He did this on his own– with bullets and bombs flying– not in a moment of bravery, but over the course of several hours. He never carried a weapon himself. It was an inspiring story.

I named one of Poppy’s puppies Doss in honor of this American hero. I picked the names of some other well known men of the WW II era for the other boy puppies — Audie Murphy, Winston Churchill, and General Patton.  For the girls, there were not as many well known war heroines- especially with appealing names– so I went another route with the girls. I selected names of a few American women that have written outstanding novels.  Harper Lee, Willa Cather, Maxine Kingston. I had to skip some of the greatest authors because their names just didn’t sound good for puppies. Celeste remains Celeste. There is a famous author called Celeste Ng, but our white pup was named Celeste because she was a gift from the heavens.

Click on the pictures for a better view.

The Gang of Eight at 11 days old


Gang of 8 Day 11










Day 12 -Doss


Day 13 Doss resting


Day 12 Winston Left, Audie Right



Day 12 Winston

Day 12 Patton sleeping


Day 12 Audie sleeping



Day 12 Willa


Day 12 Willa sleeping


Day 12 Harper


Day 12 Harper sleeping


Day 12 Maxi



Day 13 Maxi



Day 12 Celeste resting


Day 12 pile of puppies

Day 11 pretty pups in a row





















The girls are easy to tell apart. Celeste is white, Willa is dark but white factored, Maxi is a big golden sable- not white factored but with a pretty white collar. Harper is white factored but has an irregular collar.

The boys are harder. Winston is easy- he is the big golden white factored sable with the big blaze on his forehead.  Patton is the big golden, white factored sable that doesn’t have a blaze on his head. The other two boys are dark sables. At first I could pick out Audie because he was smaller. Audie and Doss are almost the same size now, and are marked so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. Audie has a slighter darker face and Doss has a slightly broader head. There are some other tiny differences in their white markings,  but I have to look at them very closely.

I think all the puppies are very pretty for this age. I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching them develop. I hope to have some of them ready to show next year.




Our two girls from Robin and Castle are in their permanent homes now. It was hard to see them leave as they got cuter every day. Pumpkin went to a wonderful family in Houston.  Tootsie went to a  nice local couple. We are co-owning her. I think Tootsie may make a good show girl. She definitely has the attitude for it!

 Click on the pictures for a better view.


01 01 2017 Pumpkin going to Houston


01 01 2017 Tootsie with new co owner





Happy New Year!  May 2017 be a good year for us all!































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