The blur of life

Posted By on January 17, 2017


1 15 17 Celeste

I love three day weekends. That extra day is such a pleasure as it gives me more time to be with my family and our dogs. I don’t understand why time seems to pass so much faster as I get older. I assume the Earth is still spinning at about 1000 miles per hour. I know I move much slower than I used to–  while everything around me seems to be moving so fast it’s almost a blur. 

Our grandson Camron spent most of the weekend with us. As much as we love him, it tugs my heart strings to see the little baby boy we helped care for has grown taller than me, his grandpa, and his mom and dad. Camron has grown up helping us love and care for our collies. It warms my heart to see him cuddle Poppy’s babies. It wasn’t long ago he was lead training Poppy when she was a few months old. Now Poppy has babies of her own.

At almost three weeks old, Poppy’s puppies continue to thrive. They have been trying to get in their mother’s food pan, so I made them a pan of puppy milk replacer. They got their feet and faces in it, sputtered and coughed a little. In the end– they drank it all. Over the next couple of weeks we will start a very gradual transition from nursing full time to eating all their meals from a pan. Poppy could use a break. These are some very strong puppies. I know she has to be sore from their aggressive nursing.

All the babies have their eyes open now, and their ears! I know they can hear us from their reactions, and we can certainly hear them! There is no sleeping when eight puppies get hungry! They do not believe in suffering in silence. Poppy has started sleeping by the side of our bed instead of in the box with the puppies all the time. I’m OK with that. She is such a big girl, I have worried she might accidentally roll on one of the pups. So far she has been attentive to her babies, and her milk must be good the way they are growing.

Here are a few snapshots I took of the pups this weekend. They are only active for brief bursts, and then fall asleep. Often by the time I get my camera ready, they have transitioned from playtime to nap time. I didn’t get good pictures of all the puppies. The most difficult thing is telling the two dark sable boys apart– Doss and Audie. They are practically twins– so telling them apart in photos is not easy at all.

Click on the photos for a bigger view.


1 15 17 Patton in front


1 16 17 Patton with Harper on his back



1 16 17 Harper Left Winston Right



1 16 17 Harper and Celeste



1 16 17 Winston



1 15 17 Maxi



1 16 17 Willa


1 16 17 Willa howling




1 15 17 Doss? on top, Harper on bottom



1 16 17 Camron w Poppy pups



1 16 17 Audie with Cam



1 16 17 Cam resting with Doss



1 16 17 Poppy's eight


I’m so thankful these puppies are doing well. I have a feeling we have some special ones here. But I know they will be grown up– almost before I can blink.


































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  1. Courtney says:

    Winston looks so regal, in every picture. Beautiful pups!! So glad they are growing well.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you. Winston is a flashy one. I really love them all.

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