I spy some puppy eyes!

Posted By on March 19, 2017

Layla’s puppies are just over two weeks old and have opened their little eyes. They aren’t open very wide yet, but they can definitely see us and hear us. They are making all sorts of amusing sounds now. They call their mother when they are hungry and she is out of the box. They talk to us too. I was playing a rock music video and Roger started howling. I don’t know if he is a rock fan or not. He shut up when I turned it off.  It is still hard to get very good picture of the puppies at this age. They aren’t used to bright lights yet. Here are a few pix of them at 2 and a half weeks old.

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3 19 17 Roger kissing Layla



3 19 17 Roger


3 19 17 Bart Left Roger RT.


3 19 17 Bart left, Roger right


3 19 17 Bart


3 19 17 Black Betty



3 19 17 Betty left, Bart right



3 19 17 Betty


3 19 17 Betty left, Roger right

Aren’t our Layla/Castle babies cute little chunks?



3 18 17 Harper with new owner

It’s been a busy weekend. We said goodbye to little Harper. She is such a cute girl.  I’m going to miss her. She was the life of the puppy party, and one of the chief instigators of mischief!  But I know she will have a great life with her new friends near Austin. We met at the Collin Street Bakery. I will use any excuse to go there. They have the best cookies ever!

I am still so pleased with the Poppy puppies. I hope they fulfill their early promise. We are down to Willa and Patton here now from Poppy’s liter. Having just two big babies will make training easier than working with eight!.  I think we are going to have fun with them. 


We are getting ready to go to the Fort Worth Kennel Club shows next weekend. It is a fun show to attend, except I don’t like paying $8.00 a day for parking. I think that is a little much. We are taking Desi to the show. It will be her first. She is a cute girl, with a very nice pedigree. Desi is from a different family than our other collies, but her pedigree is full of quality and big winners. The hard part of showing the girls is working around their seasons. They blow coat after they have a season, or puppies, in addition to the big spring shed all the collies go through. It is sometimes hard to catch them at a time we can go to a show, and they are in good coat condition.

It is definitely a balancing act to do the things we want with our dogs. Time, money and energy are always in short supply. I hope that dog sports do not go back to being a pastime only for the rich. I hope regular people will continue to show, and do performance events with their dogs. It really is a fun, wholesome, rewarding activity that everyone in the family can enjoy together. Most of the traveling I’ve done in my life has been going to dog shows, and I am happy with that. I’ve met interesting people, and made some great friends through our collie activities.

I understand the appeal of just hanging out with our collies. I like to chill with them while we watch a movie and I brush them.  I still love to go on walks with our dogs, and take them by Arby’s for a treat. But there are doggy activities worth some extra effort. A friend sent me an explanation about why people bother to try and put titles on their dogs. I thought it was a very good explanation, and wanted to share it. To each his own.


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Why title a dog

















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