A great loss

Posted By on March 27, 2017

Dad and little Geoff


My little blog is normally about my collies and our collie friends, but I lost my dad yesterday. That’s about all I can think of right now. My heart and mind are full of the memories of a wonderful man that lived on Earth for 90 years. Everett Mason was one of 10 children born to Calvin and Lillie Mason. My Dad became the man of the house at age 15 when his father died. He helped support his family until his siblings were grown. He served in WW II in the Navy as a fireman. After the war ended, he learned the plastering business and co-founded Molder and Mason Plastering Company. The company was successful for many years. They helped construct churches, schools, hospitals,and shopping centers all over North Texas. 

Dad was always a very hard worker, but his heart was for his family. Through necessity, he learned to fix just about everything around the house, from plumbing to roofing. He helped me countless times. He married my mother in 1952. I was born first, and 6 years later my brother was born.  Dad couldn’t sing or dance, but he was a great joker, and story-teller. He taught me by example to treat people with respect. Both Dad and Mom were kind, generous people that loved God, family and country. Dad loved nature and spent his retirement years tending a huge vegetable garden and peach orchard. To my Dad, work started when the sun was up, and ended at suppertime. Locals called him “The Tomato King”. I feel extremely blessed to have been the daughter of Everett and Betty Mason. They truly were the Greatest Generation. With the passing of my mom five years ago, and now with the passing of my dad, I am realizing more and more that we don’t have long on Earth. Even 90 years is not that long. What we do each day truly matters because our words and actions touch many people along the way, and the choices we make do have eternal consequences.

I’m sorry this is not a lighthearted blog. Today is too tough. It’s hard to know I can no longer drive over to see my Dad. I can touch many of the things he built. I can touch the walls of churches around town and know my Dad’s hands helped form those walls in years past. I can see my Dad in my brother’s walk, and in my son’s big, strong body. I know the intense sadness I feel right now will diminish some with time, but it is my hope of seeing my Dad and Mom in Heaven someday that consoles me best.



I didn’t get any pictures taken of our Layla/ Castle puppies in the past few days, but my hubby Mike took one little cell phone photo of the sable boy Roger. Layla’s pups will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and are doing great. I’ll post new pix of them in a few days.  I have to see about a funeral today.


Roger with toy 3 and a half weeks
























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  1. Libby says:

    so sorry to learn of your loss :( it is never ever easy to lose a parent, but your memories will give you great comfort.

  2. Manisha says:

    I’m so sorry.

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