Puppy Love

Posted By on April 2, 2017

04/01/20 17 Roger left, Betty back, Bart right


It’s been a hard week since the death of my Dad. He and my mom were wonderful people, and I have also been blessed with the love and support of my husband, kids, cousins, friends and other loved ones. I am very grateful for their hugs, prayers and kind wishes. Besides my human family, I have relished the companionship of our collies. From the oldest one, Melody, to Poppy’s 13 week old puppies, and Layla’s 4 week old babies, they have also been there to nuzzle me and lift my spirits. Collies seem to KNOW when we need them. I don’t think there is another breed so sensitive.

Layla’s pups are four and a half weeks old and doing good. They are getting vocal, and some pretty hilarious noises come out of their mouths. They like to climb into our laps¬† and chew our toes. They all seem to have cute personalities, sturdy bodies and pretty coats. I love to watch them discover new things to eat, and new things to play with. Hardly anything is more fun that watching puppies play. Here are a few pix of the three Layla/Castle puppies.

 Click on each picture for a larger view.

04/01/2017- Bart


3 30 17 Bart



3 30 17 Betty left -Bart right



4/ 01/ 17 - Betty



3 30 17 Betty


4 1 17 Betty side


3 30 17 Roger side


4 1 17 Roger


3 30 17 Bart left Roger right


3 30 17 Roger left, Betty center, Bart right


3 30 17 Roger with Mike



I’m still over the moon about our Poppy/Samson puppies. They are so sweet and still beautiful to me at 13 weeks old. Here are a few pix of the three puppies I hope to show next winter.


Patton w Mike 4 1 17


Patton sit 3 31 17


Patton standing 3 31 17


Willa and MIke 4 1 17


Willa 3 31 17


Willa 3 31 17 sit


Maxine 13wks, photo by June

Maxi – aka- Lassie- is co-owned with the Campbells in Dallas and lives with them.

Maxine (Lassie) resting 13 weeks photo by June































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  1. Courtney says:

    Puppy love is right. I can’t stop looking at these cute chunks.. I love the photos of Bart and Betty hanging onto the edge of the box.

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