Layla’s puppies meet Springtime.

Posted By on April 10, 2017

I finally had a chance to take Layla’s puppies outside to have some new adventures in the sunshine. It’s always interesting to see how they will react to going outside. In their indoor kingdom, Betty seems to be in charge. Outside it was Bart who went wild – running around right away having the time of his life!  Bart was followed by Roger.  Roger became fast friends with Poppy’s puppies, especially with Patton. I was happy to see how gentle Patton and Willa were with the Layla/ Castle babies. Bouncing Betty wasn’t too sure about the grass and rocks outside. She seemed to prefer the smooth surface of the patio. Finally, she ventured out in the yard with the boys, but kept circling back to the patio. Eventually, curiosity got the best of Betty, and she had fun running around in the yard too. Our 11 month old pup, Tracer, was also good with the babies. I was prepared to separate them, but they had a good playtime together. It was a beautiful, mild, sunny day. I wish we could get the pretty Spring days without all the pollen making me sneeze, but I guess that’s part of the deal. Here are a few pix of the puppies enjoying a nice Spring day.

4 9 17 Bart front, Betty back


4 9 17 Bart

It was hard to get pictures of Bart. He was very busy running around.

4 9 17 Betty Left, Rogers butt, Bart right, Tracer behind


4 9 17 Roger left,Patton center, Betty right


4 9 17 Betty right, Patton center, Roger behind


4 9 17 Roger Left, Patton center, Betty Rt


4 9 17 Roger left, Betty right


4 9 17 Patton nuzzling Roger


4 9 17 Roger


4 9 17 Betty by Patton



4 9 17- Willa

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? 



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