Heartbreak and hope

Posted By on September 17, 2017

Less than a day after my last post celebrating Melody’s three surviving puppies- we lost two more. It felt like being hit in the gut with a sledge hammer- twice. At 10 PM on Monday night, Mel Jr., Roland, and Jilly were all nursing and looking great. By midnight Mel Jr was dead. A couple of hours later Roland died in my hands. I don’t know why. They were not crushed or smothered. They just stopped breathing. I suspect that maybe the drugs Melody got during her C-section might have damaged them. Thankfully, little Jilly survived, and is doing fine. She is a week old now, so it appears that she will make it. She eats like a little pig.  It’s so sad she won’t have siblings to teach her to share. Melody will have to show her the ropes. Jilly is precious and we are very happy she seems to be thriving.

Here are some pictures of Jilly today as she turns one week old. Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

Jilly 9 17 17


jilly profile 9 17 17


Jilly close up 9 17 17


Jilly nursing 9 17 17



I also took a couple of pictures in the backyard of my almost 9 month old pups from our litter from Poppy sired by Samson.  I’m still very happy with them. Willa and Patton are very sweet puppies and are looking pretty for this time of year. I hope we will be able to get them to some shows this winter.


Patton 9 17 2017


Patton resting 9 17 2017



Patton face 9 17 17


Willa 9 17 2017


Willa front 9 17 17



Willa head profile 9 17 17


Summer has come back full force for now, but I know cooler days will be here soon. We are all looking forward to that.













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