Jilly’s good and other good news

Posted By on September 25, 2017

Jilly at 2 weeks


It’s been a busy weekend – too short as usual. I just wanted to post an update on Melly’s little girl- Jilly. She is doing fine- eating, sleeping, and growing. Her eyes are open now so she can find her mother if Melody changes positions in the box. Jilly is up on her feet more or less exploring the confines of her big whelping box. Singleton puppies always get spoiled. After she eats, Jilly is content to curl up by her mother, or equally content to crawl into my lap for a nap. She is a precious little girl. I still think she is a smooth. Whether or not we will keep her remains to be seen. She may possibly be available in about 7 weeks. We will see. 

I’m excited that Layla is growing hair and will be going to some shows with Cheryl soon. And I guess we are going to let Lea Bertsch (owner of Patton’s sire- GCH Scalloway’s Lion Hunter) show Patton at the Humble shows for his debut. He looks ok for an almost 9 month old puppy. How he will act is another story. He is, after all, a son of our wild child- Poppy. Updates to follow.

We got this nice bit of news from Lea Bertsch and Liz Long. They put another point on the Poppy/ Samson puppy, Maxi, co-owned with Lea and Tairis Collies. That brings Maxi’s point total to four in only a few times shown.  I can’t wait to see how Maxi’s siblings Willa and Patton do at the shows. 

The Samson/ Poppy puppies were a special litter. All the puppies were pretty, and the people that have the siblings as family pets are all very happy with them. Doss, who went to a family near Houston, was evacuated from their flooded house with the rest of the family by the US Army in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Doss’s owner, Bronwyn, said he behaved wonderfully in crazy conditions. Doss was floated out in an inner-tube to reach the army truck! Thank goodness Doss and his humans are all fine.  Bronwyn said Doss was a favorite with the other evacuees and has a future as a therapy dog. I could not be more proud of her pup.



Doss in the back of the army truck



































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