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Posted By on November 29, 2017

October and November have been strange here with my husband Mike in the hospital most of the time. He is usually my anchor that keeps things at home rolling along efficiently. Thank goodness he should be home from the rehab hospital before Christmas. He is making steady improvements slowly but surely, and that is something I’m grateful for.

I let our little Melody daughter, Jilly, go to a great new home in central Texas to be the family dog and part time goat herder. Jilly was getting cuter everyday- plus she is a smart girl with a lot of personality. If circumstances had been different, I think she would have stayed here with us.  Spreading my time between work, the hospital, and home has been tiring. Thank God I am retiring the end of December!

Here is a picture of Jilly at her new home. What a sweet girl!

Jilly pic taken by her new owners.


On the subject of smooth collies- we currently have a sable merle smooth girl owned by Lea Bertsch, her daughters, and Tina and Larry Patterson visiting us. Her name is Reba- aka Gr Ch Scalloway’s You’re Gonna Be Golden. She is here to be bred to our up and coming boy Patton.  If Reba takes from the breeding, she should have rough and smooth puppies in sable and sable merle, and possibly sable headed whites. I think Reba is white factored. Patton definitely is. I think Reba and Patton compliment each other nicely. If Reba has puppies from this planned breeding, they would be due the end of January 2018.

Here is a picture of Reba with Lea after winning best of variety at the recent Austin show. Reba has done very well like her ump-teen champion siblings!

Reba at Austin with Lea



I have my fingers crossed that Tracer is expecting puppies sired by Patton. It is too early to tell, but I see some positive signs. I am very excited about that combination. It would be the first litter of my retirement years. No more calling into work saying “Sorry, I won’t be in today. We are having puppies!”


I want to say a special thank you to my friends and family that have prayed or sent good wishes for Mike. I believe with all my heart that they helped pull him through a scary time. God bless you all!














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