A day to celebrate!

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Patton face 1 27 18

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I got to go to the Saturday portion of the Oklahoma Collie Cluster this weekend. These shows put on by the North Texas Collie Club, the Central Oklahoma Collie Club, and the Central Kansas Collie Club have become a meeting place for collie breeders from around the country. There were collies attending from as far west as California and Washington state, and northeast to New Hampshire.  Collie folks that don’t usually get down to Texas shows, often make it to this Oklahoma cluster, so it’s a treat to see collies outside our own area representing the efforts of  various  breeders. Mid America and Texas were well represented by some fine collies too.

I love to see all the collies, and especially the young hopefuls, whether they are the offspring of famous collies, or collies I don’t know.  Sometimes the collies I have only seen online are less impressive in person, and sometimes they are so beautiful they sear a lasting vision into my brain. 

As usual, there were many outstanding collies at these shows, well presented by their owners or handlers. If you have never been to a dog show, you should give one a try. I’ve been hooked on dog shows since I was 18 years old. I find it a crazy, consuming, fun, pastime. Dog shows aren’t for everyone, but sometime you might want to help a collie show person get ready for a show, and go through the whole experience with them to appreciate the work involved. There is drama, comedy, and great friendships made at dog shows. Some people may find them pointless, and that’s OK. I personally don’t get the point of driving cars at crazy speeds around a track (sorry NASCAR fans.) So-  to each his own. For me, seeing well bred, beautifully groomed collies strut around the ring – competing to be chosen BEST – is a keen pleasure. 

I hoped to take more pictures at this show, but I misplaced my SD card and had to run to Target for a new one. I was also distracted because my sweet boy Patton was at these shows and I was mostly paying attention to him – keeping him brushed up and happy. Patton is a big boy that is still my baby at 13 months of age.  Like most collies, he’s a sensitive lad. 

Patton on table at OK show


The rough boy winning the points at the Saturday shows was a tri headed white pup called Scarborough’s Rocky Mountain High (Kipper). Kipper has a beautiful face and great movement like his mother Flurry.  That’s right- his mother is one of my favorite collies- Ch St. Roch’s Moonlight Serenade – affectionately known as Flurry. I love Flurry. She is the mother of our own Carina. Flurry was  bred by Jeanie Driscol, and is owned by Nick and Ellen Moyer. Kipper’s sire is another excellent white – Ch Scarborough’s White Line Fever. I snapped this picture of Kipper on the grooming table. He was bred by Alma Metz, Connie Metz, and Nick Moyer, and is owned by Jessica King. 

Scarborough's Rocky Mt High

I also got to see a sister of Scarborough’s Rocky Mountain High owned by Nick and Ellen Moyer. “Sunny” is a lovely sable merle headed white girl called St. Roch’s Break In The Clouds. Her face is breathtaking, and she has that same great movement. She was a joy to watch.

Sunny Jan 27 2018


Sunday, January 28th was Patton’s turn to shine. Patton did well and looked pretty shown Friday and Saturday by Larry Patterson. It was Sunday however when the magic happened. When Jay Lee showed Patton- WOW! -  Patton looked awesome. Patton won winner’s dog. That is- he beat the other non-champion males. Then Patton went back in the ring to compete against the winner of the non-champion girls. There were a LOT of girls at this show, and Patton won ! That gave Patton a 5 point major win under judge Carl Skinner. That’s a nice win! I’m so proud of Patton, and so thankful to all the people that helped. It is very hard for me to go to shows with Mike still having health problems. Lea Bertsch (owner of Patton’s sire) has been taking care of Patton and getting him to some of the shows this winter. Frank and April Trevino transported Patton to Oklahoma for me. Once there, Tina and Larry Patterson took Patton under their wings as did Jay Lee. Collie people are the best! 


Here is a snapshot of Patton with Jay.

Patton with Jay 1 27 18

Click on the pictures to see a clearer view. 


The icing on Sunday’s cake was Patton’s sire, GCH Scalloway’s Lion Hunter winning best collie in show!!! On Saturday Samson got two best of opposite sex awards to two different and lovely champion girls.  Samson looked great- again shown by the irrepressible Jay Lee!


Samson in Florida with Jennifer Harper

We have more shows coming up in South Texas next weekend. I can’t wait to see what happens! Winter in Texas is collie show time!














































2 Responses to “A day to celebrate!”

  1. Jessica King says:


    I’ve been a fan of you and your Collies from the first day I began contemplating showing and, hopefully eventually, breeding Collies. You took the time to email me and explain all the things you knew about getting into this and the different lines, and you encouraged me when others shot me down. I can’t thank you enough, and now you’ve given me real estate on your page with the mention of Scarborough Rocky Mountain High’s wins. I’m honored and privileged, and thank you so much. I look up to you, and your dogs are magnificent and what I hope to have work into my lines at some point.

    Congrats, as well, on all of your stunning wins. They are well deserved.

    All of my best,

    Jessica King

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks for all your nice comments, Jessica. I’m so happy to see you are off to a great start in Collies! Best of luck to you!

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