Blessed! The puppies are here!

Posted By on April 1, 2018

I’m counting my blessings and they are many! Above all I am thankful for Jesus- that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. Nothing tops that gift.

I am thankful for the love, kindness, and help of my family and friends.  My loved ones and buddies that have given their time and talents have brought us cheer during a season that could have been truly awful. My hubby Mike has been going through major health problems for several months. He is recovering from his latest surgery and much of my time is spent caring for him at home now.

In the midst of battling Mike’s medical issues, we have been blessed with TWO litters of puppies! Spring has arrived, and Pearl’s and Carina’s puppies are here! By March 29th we had 15 puppies! Pearl has seven pups, and Carina has eight. Even though I am really busy- these puppies are a joy! Both of these litters are co-bred, and co-owned with Cheryl Kobularcik of Cherann’s Collies. Pearl is a smooth girl, bred to a rough, and Carina is a rough girl bred to a smooth collie. This means some of the puppies will be regular rough coated collies, and some will be smooth. The babies are very young but I already have some inkling about which are smooth or rough. Before long  we can tell for sure.

Pearl has:

3 tri-headed white girls. ( I believe 2 are rough and one is smooth.)

2 sable boys . ( I believe both are roughs)

1 sable headed white boy (Smooth, I think)

1 sable headed white girl (Smooth, I think)

Pearl’s puppies are big (except the sable headed girl is a little smaller), and they are beautiful!


Pearl's group


Carina has:

1 sable merle boy that looks like a rough

1 sable headed white girl that looks like a rough.

1 dark sable girl that looks like a rough.

1 sable merle girl that looks like a smooth.

3 dark sable boys that look like smooths.

1 dark sable girl that looks like a smooth.

Very pretty babies!

Carina and pups

Breeding smooth and rough collies is like a box of chocolates– you never know what you’re gonna get! More pix and stuff to come soon.



Some awesome show news too.

Pearl’s puppy daddy- Landon- went to the Collie Club of America national show and WON THE AMERICAN BRED CLASS. I saw from photos and videos that he looked great- even among the best collies in the country! Landon- aka- Cherann’s Cherokee on Sacred Ground- is a special dog and one of the prettiest I have seen. I am proud to be watching his puppies from Pearl growing and thriving! I am thinking some of her puppies look like their beautiful sire. 

Landon at CCA

Click on the pictures for a bigger, clearer view.


Another big winner at this year’s CCA was Walker- aka Milas Walk the Line, owned by Lynn Butler and Lotta Hedman, and shown by Lotta in the 9-12 month class. Walker beat all the other non-champion rough male collies to go Winner’s Dog for a 5 point major – which finished his championship. The Milas team also won the 6-9 puppy boy class with their sable headed white boy- Milas Call Me Maybe, aka Hudson. And they won class placements with several of their beautiful girls too. To top it off, Lynn and Lotta’s boy, Tyler- won the stud dog class. Tyler (Ch Milas Walk This Way), is the sire of the winning pup- Walker and other champions. I really appreciate the style and quality of the Milas dogs, but I was especially proud of Walker’s win. The reason I was proud is that Walker’s dam was my breeding, born in my whelping box three years ago. Lynn selected Poppy’s sister Reven as a puppy from that litter, and later bred Reven to Tyler. The results are gratifying. I love Walker’s face, and see some resemblance to our Poppy and the pretty puppies she had- like Patton, Willa, and Maxi among others.

Walker at CCA


Walker at CCA 2018


Milas Play My Way (Tara)

Walker’s litter sister – Tara-  is another beauty from the Tyler/Reven litter owned by Lynn Butler and Lotta Hedman and shown by Lotta. Tara placed 2nd in a large puppy class at this year’s CCA national.

Our show season is mostly over as Patton and Willa are starting to do their big Spring shed. I am so proud of Patton who finished his championship, and did so well at the area specialty shows that he is only 1 point from finishing his grand championship thanks to Lea Bertsch’s excellent grooming and handling!  I still plan to buy some of his numerous show photos, and will be posting them soon. 

Our Willa, Patton’s sister, has done fantastic too shown by Lea and several other people. She has won most of the times she has been shown. Willa has great movement which seems to catch the judges’ eyes. Now the Navasoto shows were a different story. The show was outside and the ring was deep  with soft, loose dirt. Willa did not like putting her feet in that dirt which resulted in her not wanting to move through it at all. Poor Lea practically had to drag her around the ring, which is not like Willa. It’s OK, Willa- no more loose dirt for you! 

Willa followed the Navasoto disaster by winning more points at the San Antonio shows and even got a herding group 3. Willa was shown in the group by Rayven- a very sweet young lady. Lea was showing her pretty blue smooth champion so Miss Rayven got to show Willa. Very cool. Willa is up to 10 points now towards her championship. Since she is shedding we may have to wait until late fall and the arrival of a new coat to show Willa again.

Willa group 3

Willa CC Austin close up


Willa and Patton’s, pretty sister, Maxi, is still in coat and will hopefully get to a few more shows before the summer heat grips us. Go Lea and Maxi! I’d love to see Maxi finish her championship this year too. She is a cute one !

Maxi at CC Austin


I have a bunch of photos to buy from the professional photographers that have been taking pictures of our collies at the shows. I’ll post some when I have a chance and get them purchased. 


By the way – anyone that has contacted me about a puppy should touch base with us if you are still interested. Cheryl and I will be evaluating puppies the end of May or first of June.Some of these babies will be available when they are about 9 weeks old. We can’t keep them all!














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