Our sweet babies !

Posted By on April 15, 2018

Both Pearl’s and Carina’s puppies are doing awesome- getting cuter day by day.  Pearl’s puppies are a little bigger right now. Carina’s babies are right behind– making good progress too.

I’m sticking by my previous predictions on which puppies are rough or smooth. I named Pearl’s pups Irish names for now since they were born close to St. Patrick’s Day.


Fintan- sable headed white boy

Nano- sable headed white girl

Kathleen- tri headed white girl


Nolan- darker sable and white boy

Neil- gold sable and white boy

Dorothy- tri headed white girl

Fallon- tri headed white girl

Here are some pix of Pearl’s pretty puppies after a messy session in the sloppy puppy food pan.

 Click on the pictures for a larger, sharper view.














And here are some pix of our Carina/ BoomBoom babies . They have just recently opened their eyes, and started toddling around the box pretty darned fast. I am nearly 100% sure on which of Carina’s pups are rough and smooth too. I get a good clue from the pattern of the hair on their front legs. I named Carina’s babies after sweets since they were born near Easter. Of course the call names are subject to change.

Carina lost her little rough sable boy I was calling Snickers. He was the smallest pup and apparently got smothered under Carina. These accidents can happen so fast.  It’s always heartbreaking to lose a puppy. 


Carina now has only two rough puppies

 Truffle- a dark sable girl

Nougat – a sable headed white girl


The smooth babies are:

Russel (Stover) – dark sable boy

Reese (as in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)- a dark sable boy

Chunky ( the cubic candy) – a dark sable boy

Honey ( As in Bit O Honey) – a dark sable girl

Taffy- the sable merle girl

Nougat bottom, Taffy middle, and Russel top Rt


Nougat left, Tafffy middle, Russel top right


Truffle 4 14 18


Honey 4 14 18


Chunky 4 14 18


Nougat 4 14 18


Nougat close up


Reese in front, Nougat in middle with others.


4 14 18 Puppy pile with Nougat on top


More pictures later!



On the show scene- Landon- Pearl’s beautiful puppy daddy, picked up two more points this weekend bringing him to within three single points of getting his championship. I hope he gets those last points next weekend. Go Cheryl and Landon!



Out Mississippi way- Patton and Willa’s daddy got a Group 4 in a large herding group. And according to the latest point tallys, Samson is now number 10 collie in the USA! Samson is a handsome boy– sound in body and temperament, and willing to show his heart out. I am so happy for his owner- Lea Bertsch! Go Team Samson!













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