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Posted By on May 11, 2018


We got great news from Cheryl’s trip to the local shows last weekend. First off-  Cheryl finished the AKC championship of Ch Cherann’s Pocketfull of Sunshine. Sunshine is the mother of BoomBoom, -the sire of Carina’s puppies.  Next, Cheryl finished the championship of her beautiful boy- Landon- Ch Cherann’s Cherokee On Sacred Ground- who is the sire of Pearl’s puppies. Congratulations to Cheryl on finishing two collies in one weekend!

Lastly, Layla picked up a couple more points bringing her up to 11 points with two major wins. I just got the picture of  Layla’s 5 point win in Arkansas shown by her co-breeder Susan Joslin.  Too bad show season is about over for us now. Most all our collies are starting to blow their pretty winter coats as they get ready for summer.

Here is Layla still in beautiful coat, pictured among the pink flamingos!

Layla 5 pt major!

Click on the picture for a better view.



Here is a picture of Landon from the CCA national. He is one fine collie!

Landon at CCA 2018




5 10 18 Nolan in front

Sorry about the poor quality of these pictures. Click on each picture if you want to see a bigger view.



5 10 18 Neil


5 10 18 Folly


5 10 18 Folly and Neil




5 10 18 Neil and Kathleen



5 10 18 Kathleen wave


5 10 18 Kathleen and Fintan- Truffle behind



2 10 18 Dorothy and Neil



5 10 2018 Dorothy and Chunky


5 10 18 Fintan



5 10 2018 Nano Nano




5 10 18 Reese by Neil



5 10 2018 Reese




5 10 18 Honey smile



5 10 18 Nougat


5 10 18 Truffle




5 10 18 Taffy



5 10 18 Russell


5 10 18 Chunky




5 10 2018 Nolan and Nougat




5 10 2018 Nolan



I debated about whether to spend the afternoon cleaning house or playing with puppies– and the puppies won! The house will still be here tomorrow, but the puppies are growing and changing so fast, I thought I should take more pictures of them.  Temperatures outside were mild this afternoon, and the puppies had lots of energy! Taking pictures by myself is a challenge as they were either running around non-stop, or parked at my feet. I got at least one picture of each pup, and with 14 of them running around it isn’t easy.  The only bad thing was discovering that I had my camera on the wrong setting the whole time. By the time I noticed my mistake, it was too dark outside to take more pictures. So the quality of most of the pictures is terrible. I’ll try to get some better pix soon.It was fun hanging out with the puppies whether I got good pictures or not.













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