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Patton, our 17 month old son of Ch Tairis A League of Her Own and GCHB Scalloway’s Lion Hunter, got the last point he needed to complete his grand championship last weekend. I don’t normally campaign dogs after they finish their championships, but Patton picked up 20 Grand points the first weekend he was shown as a special – so we thought we might as well go for his AKC Grand Championship. One of the obstacles to showing him now is that he is losing his pretty winter coat by the handfuls as the Texas heat takes hold.  Last Saturday he fell in a swimming pool minutes before Lea Bertsch needed to leave  for the Denton show. He was still damp when he had to go in the ring- not as fluffy as one would like to see at a show.  Another- even bigger problem was that Patton was  beside himself from being near Lea’s girl, Duchess,- who was in full blown season. Patton didn’t care about toys or treats- all he wanted was Duchess!   He did not show well at all Saturday!  By Sunday, Lea, Rhonda Dunkelberger Sapienza, and I were able to get Patton looking OK for this time of year.  He isn’t in great coat, but at least he was dry. Lea did a fantastic job getting him to show well enough to get the last point he needed to finish his AKC Grand championship!   Thanks to Lea and Rhonda we can now call our big, goofy boy-  Grand Champion Tairis Runnin’ Down A Dream. He is my first grand champion, and I think that’s pretty cool. 

Congratulations to Lea on getting her pretty girl Duchess within one point of her championship. And Big Daddy Samson continues to do well at the shows with Jennifer Harper. I believe Samson is currently ranked number eight rough collie in the USA!  Go Team Samson!




Here is a picture of Patton looking nice at the January shows in Norman OK. , and a candid snapshot of him this past weekend not quite as coaty.

Patton CKCC Jan 2018


Patton at Denton May 2018


Here are a few more pix of the Pearl/Landon puppies and the Carina/ BoomBoom puppies. They are getting so big! They are all playful, affectionate babies, but having 14 puppies running around is CRAZY! Some of the puppies are little camera hogs that want to photo bomb every picture – like Fintan! Others are too busy to stop and pose.  It looks like I missed even getting one picture of Kathleen. She is a very busy girl. I’ll catch her next time.

Click on the pictures to see a better view.

5 15 18 Nougat and Truffle

I think Nougat and Truffle are so cute together!


Nougat and Truffle



5 15 18 Reese, Dorothy, Russell


5 15 18 Chunky w toy


5 15 18 Fintan


5 15 18 Folly and Fintan


5 15 18 Folly and Fintan



5 15 18 Folly

5 15 18 Dorothy w stick


5 15 18 Fintan, Dorothy, Nougat



5 15 18 Neil


5 15 18 Neil 2


5 15 18 Nolan


5 15 18 Nolan profile



5 15 18 Russell


5 15 18 Honey


5 15 18 Taffy



5 15 18 Nano and Chunky



5 15 18 Truffle, Russell and Taffy



5 15 18 Taffy and Fintan



5 15 18 Nougat




We made our trek to the Animal Opthalmology Clinic today (5/16/18) with all seven of Pearl’s puppies. It was a very LONG afternoon. Driving in the afternoon traffic from Parker County to Dallas County and back is never much fun, but Dr. Munger and his associates are the BEST!  I have used the AOC for eye checks for a long time because they understand collies and collie eyes!  I was so pleased that all of Pearl’s pups had good eye checks. Yay!  Next week we will be going back to AOC with Carina’s puppies. Thank goodness that appointment is a little earlier in the day, so maybe we can beat the rush hour traffic. Hoping for more good results.




I wanted to give a shout out and congratulations to Kristin Brooke Parma, and the now four year old pup she got from us who goes by the name -  

AKC Czech Out Kalamity Jane BN CD AX AXJ XF FDC

Kristin took home this cute little tri girl from us as a puppy, and has done absolutely amazing with her – getting more performance titles than I knew existed! Jane’s latest title is for AKC Farm Dog certification.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and so happy they are enjoying life together along with hubby Adam Parma on the Czech Out Ranch! I hope they have many years of fun together!

Image may contain: Kristin Brooke Parma, smiling, outdoor

Go Kristin and Jane!!!







Related image


I love the patches of yellow Missouri Primroses that pop up this time of year on the roadsides! Every season has its blessings! 



































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