Our new Poppy/Samson puppies! Plus big show news!

Posted By on June 15, 2018

Poppy with her pile of puppies


Poppy’s new puppies sired by Samson are three weeks old today and their personalities are starting to show.  Poppy (Ch Tairis A League Of Her Own) was named after the movie – A League of Their Own about women who played professional baseball during the war. I am continuing that theme with her second litter, and naming the girl puppies after some of the actresses that were in that movie, and the director of the movie- Penny Marshall.  One of the girl puppies is like a Poppy Jr- so full of herself already at 3 weeks of age- I had to name her Penny. The boy puppies are named after some of baseball’s great players- more or less. Playing with the puppies in the whelping box-  it all made sense at the time.

  Thank goodness Poppy is a good mom and has good milk. Her babies are growing like weeds- some faster than others. Watching the activities of the toddling 3 week old babies in the whelping box as they begin to move around and assert themselves, is more entertaining than any comedy or drama on TV. The bigger pups get their way due to sheer size at nursing time. The smaller pups need a little help to get their share.  Soon I will be introducing the puppies to puppy milk in a pan and all the pups will be able to get all they want every time.

Here are some first pix of the new puppies. At 3 weeks of age, it’s hard to catch them awake. If they are awake- getting them to be still is a miracle. More pix will be coming as they grow and change. Right now Penny and Hank- aka Homer- have the biggest personalities. They are all precious! It is so exciting to watch them grow and change as the days go by. 


6 14 18 Penny aka Poppy Jr- attitude already!


6 14 2018 Lori - is a big girl, sweet, and quite vocal!


6 14 18 Geena wanted to finish her nap!


6 14 18 Tea sleeping It's pronounced like Tia.


6 14 18 Tea awake. Geena and Tea look alike except Geena is bigger.



6 14 18 The Babe- aka Bernard- is the biggest puppy although he has close contenders.



6 14 18 Hank aka Homer -lots of playful attitude when he's awake!


6 14 18 Willie- lively and sweet


6 14 18 Mickey - a cuddler!



We are still loving our little Carina daughter, Nougat. She is looking cute like her siblings. We are hopeful she got the best qualities of mom Carina and sire- BoomBoom. I will try to catch some new pix of Nougat and the rest of our gang soon.


Show season has slacked off with the rising temperatures, but last weekend some great things happened at the Lake Charles shows for our friend Lea Bertsch! First- Maxi- a Poppy/ Samson daughter from the first litter, picked up two four point major wins! That brings Miss Maxi to 11 points with both majors. I am so proud of her! Maxi is owned and shown by Lea, and co-owned with Tairis Collies.

Maxi 4 point major!

More huge wins at Lake Charles shows by Lea Bertsch’s Samson- aka GrCh Scalloway’s Lion Hunter! Samson started the Lake Charles show cluster with a Best of Variety and Herding group three. He was BV each day over a nice special and finished the shows with back to back GROUP WINS shown by Keleigh Kaye! Samson is showing like a dream, and is now getting the recognition he deserves! Congratulations Team Samson!

Samson group 1

 We hope some of our Poppy/ Samson babies will follow in their sire’s footsteps in the show ring someday!








































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