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Posted By on June 23, 2018

Our four week old Poppy/Samson puppies are eating, growing, playing, and doing great. The puppies are still nursing, and now they are also learning to eat sloppy food from a pan. At first some of them were not so sure about the pan lapping, but they have all begun to see it’s a good way to get full.  Of course they do the usual running and sliding through the pan, but they end up licking it clean, and then licking the remains off each other.

This is a repeat of the breeding that produced a beautiful litter in December 2016. The puppies we kept to show have grown up and done very well. Here are some show pix of our current babies’ older siblings, Patton, Willa and Maxi. We hope the new babies will do as well. So far it looks like we have some very promising puppies.

Click on each picture for a better view

The show photos were taken by Chris Caviness Photography.

Patton, best in specialty show - Austin Collie Club Feb 2018 Saturday show


Willa- Best in specialty her first show! Austin Collie Club Sunday show


Willa- happily showing off her movement


Maxi at Austin CC. She got a major reserve, and now only needs 4 single points to finish her championship!


And here are the new guys! Do we have some winners here? … I’m thinking – yes!


6 22 18 Hank Left, Penny Right


6 22 18 Hank


6 22 18 The Babe



6 24 18 The Babe



6 22 18 Mickey


6 22 18 Mickey Left ,Geena Right

6 24 18 Willie sitting


6 24 18 Willie


6 22 18 Tea (pronounced like Tia)


8 Mickey Left, Tea Right front


6 22 18 Penny


6 22 18 Penny Left, Lori Right


6 22 18 Lori face


6 22 18 Geena front


6 22 18 Geena




Most of the Pearl and Carina puppies have gone to new homes now.  Nougat is staying with us at Tairis, and Cheryl is growing out a few show prospects in Missouri.


5 25 18 Fintan with new owner


Chunky with new owner


Nano with new owner



Nougat 11 weeks with our daughter, Caity

Nougat is such a charmer!














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