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Officially, the Dog Days of Summer are the days between July 3rd, and August 11th – when Sirius, the Dog Star, is closest to our sun. These are supposedly the days of lethargy and madness brought on by the hottest days of summer. Statistics show that violent crime rates increase with hot temperatures. I don’t know if it is the sun rays baking my brain, or the drops of sweat stinging my eyes, but intense heat does not bring out my best side. It seems that we are in a prolonged cycle of long, hot summers.  I don’t know how people survive in the South without air conditioning.  I know my mood is much better when I can chill through the summer in the A/C. Our collies jockey for position as close to the A/C vents as possible. All of our dogs resemble plucked chickens right now,  having shed or nearly shed their fluffy undercoats. The Dog Days definitely include some of the hottest days of the year, but the oppressive heat of Texas summers lasts a lot longer than 40 days. You can pretty much count on some scorching heat between mid May and the end of September. The eventual relief from that heat makes the coming of autumn a joyous time.  While folks up north have to deal with some paralyzing cold and snow during winter,  a lot of Texans semi-hibernate in summer-  taking it slow and easy until the first cool breeze of fall arrives.

Having active puppies this time of year presents a conundrum too. Our puppies are full of energy as usual, but the only time it’s fun for them to run and play outside is between dark-30 and morning. They are way too rowdy to stay in an ex pen in the house unless they are ready to sleep. My compromise solution is letting them run wild in the sunroom with the A/C running. The puppies are having fun, and I am having to do a lot of extra mopping! They know how to use the doggy door, but it’s so hot outside that I have to encourage them by going out in the yard myself to promote outside potty time. Enjoying  these beautiful puppies is worth the inconvenience. I love watching and playing with them. Walking through the small herd of puppies is not easy though, as they all like to pounce on my shoes. My favorite time is when they get tuckered out and start to cuddle. That’s the best!

Puppy eye checks are coming up next week. It won’t be too much longer before decisions are made about what pup is staying or going to a show home or a good family home.  Time passes so quickly. Here are some snapshots of the pups taken the last few days. As usual, the photos don’t really do them justice. You have to have puppy breath in your face to get the full effect of puppy time endorphins.

 Click on each picture for a better view. 


Geena 7 20 18



Penny front- Lori back 7 22 18



Tea ( pronounced like Tia) 7 22 18



Hank 7 19 18


Penny, Willie, Mickey, Babe, Sundance, Geena 7/ 22/18




Mickey 7 19 18


Mikey 7 20 18



Babe 7 21 18



Lori 7 19 18


Willie 7 19 18


Penny 7 21 18


Tea 7 19 18



Tea Left, Geena Right 7 20 18


Hank 7 22 18




Willie and Butch 7 19 18


Melly's boy- Butch 7 19 18



Melly's boy- Sundance 7 19 18



most of the puppies 7 20 18






We got GREAT NEWS  from Lea Bertsch last weekend- Our Poppy/ Samson daughter, Maxi, finished her AKC championship! That makes champion # 2 from that breeding.  Congratulations to Lea and Maxi! Ms. Maxi-bad now goes by – Ch Tairis Perchance To Dream At Scalloway. Here is a picture Lea took of Maxi back when the spring bluebonnets were blooming.

Maxi in bluebonnets- Now she is Ch Tairis Perchance To Dream At Scalloway


We hope to finish Maxi and Patton’s sister, Willa, when her new coat comes in and show entries get going again. Until then, the plan is to stay cool.




















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