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Ripley and Pokey

I’ve loved collies since I was a kid watching Lassie and Timmy on a black and white TV! I think they are the most beautiful dogs on Earth both inside and out.  As a child my dog Tuffy was always ready to play, and was equally content to lie beside me in our yard as I watched the clouds float by. Collies are adaptable, sensitive, intelligent. I have found them to be fantastic companions.
An excellent word picture describes the collie in the AKC Collie Standard. The standard can be found on the AKC or Collie Club of America websites. To me, the collie is a medium/large dog with a unique head. The head is rather long and lean but also a blunted wedge with a nicely filled muzzle. The body is longer than tall, and graced with beautiful curves, and angles–  with nothing over done.  A collie in good condition is nicely muscled and capable of  agile movement.  One of the most endearing features of collies is their sweet expressive faces. True collie expression is hard to explain, but easy to love.  And if they weren’t wonderful enough already, collies come in a lovely assortment of colors and markings in both rough and smooth coats. Here are some examples of collie colors from my extended collie family, or friends of the family.
Thanks to Lassie- almost everyone loves collies in traditional sable and white.  But sables come in beautiful variations from light straw  to  deep mahogany.  To complicate things a little, collies also come in sable merle. Sometimes sable merle collies are hard to spot and sometimes they are quite spotty! And like all the collie colors- they may be white factored- evident by ample white markings.

Bridgit- A light sable. Photo by Lynn Butler



This is Kenna's sire- Mac- a dark mahogany sable.



This is Delilah's girl Pebbles - a sable merle.




Tricolors are black ,white, and tan- white factored, or not.

Stormy- a tricolor son of Ch Lakewind's Shot In the Dark.



This is Mal- Delilah’s son- a non-white factored tricolor smooth. Photo by Cait.




Although some of the prettiest collies I have ever seen were blue merles, they have been scarce at our house.


This is Ch Cherann's All U Need Is Luv- MIguel's dam. Luvy is a beautiful blue merle bred/owned by Cheryl Kobularcik.



This is Tebo- a white factored blue merle smooth Con-Te champion, bred and owned by Peggy Conger.





This is our Melody. She is a very white factored blue merle.







Collies also come in WHITE!  Normal white collies have heads in the usual collie colors and sometimes a few colored body spots. A white collie should be more than 50% white. Some beautiful white collies are making their marks in the show rings.


Ch Clarion Vanilla Ice- blue headed white- mother of Delilah.





Celeste- white pup from Poppy/Samson litter



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