Puppies united!

Posted By on May 4, 2018

Caring for two litters of puppies can certainly keep a person busy! Both Pearl’s and Carina’s puppies are weaned now and eating puppy food like piggies!  In the house I have mostly kept the two litters separated, but I decided to see how they would do if I let them play together outside. I had been a little concerned that Pearl’s somewhat bigger puppies might give Carina’s puppies a hard time, but that didn’t happen. When I let them all outside they were more interested in exploring than beating each other up! It is so much fun to watch them take in a new world full of new sights and sounds. Here are a few pix of the pups taken from April, 29th- May 1st. They are growing and changing every day so that they already look a little different than last weekend.  CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO SEE A LARGER VIEW.

The Pearl/Landon puppies:

4 30 18 Neil


4 30 18 Folly


4 29 18 Nolan and Fintan


5 1 18 Nano


5 1 18 Kathleen


5 1 18 Dorothy


5 1 18 Folly front - Dorothy back


4 30 18 Nolan in grass


4 30 18 Fintan bow


4 29 18 Fintan




The Carina/BoomBoom puppies:


5 1 18 Truffle


5 01 18 Nougat in weeds


4 30 18 Nougat by water


4 29 18 Nougat side yard


5 1 18 Honey sit


5 1 18 Honey



5 01 18 Reese


5 01 18 Reese wave


4 29 18 Taffy in grass


5 1 18 Taffy stalking


4 30 18 Chunky


4 30 2018 Russell


4 30 18 Smooth sable boys plus Dorothy


5 01 2018 Nougat smiling




next — Eye checks!





















Lots of good news!

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We got a lot of good news this weekend! First we heard that Layla picked up a 5 POINT MAJOR  WIN in Arkansas this past weekend. That’s Layla’s second major- YAY!  Layla was bred by Cheryl Kobularcik, and Susan Joslin and was shown by Susan. I co-own this elegant tri girl with Cheryl. She is a daughter of Ch Cherann’s No Stranger To Luv and Ch Alcor With a Twist.  We don’t have the show photo yet, but here is a picture of her from a while back.


It was also a good weekend for our friend Lea Bertssch, who picked up a second major on her blue girl Duchess in Lousiana. Not only that, but our favorite mahogany sable boy, GCH Scalloway’s Lion Hunter, was best of variety at all the Louisiana shows this past weekend. He topped off the weekend with a Herding Group 2  shown by Jennifer Harper. Way to go Team Samson!

Sammy 3 25 18



Not only is Samson doing great at the shows, he is an awesome stud  too! We have been so happy with our litter sired by Samson out of our pretty girl Poppy that we repeated the breeding. We just found out that Poppy (Ch Tairis A League of Her Own) is expecting Samson puppies again! She is due to whelp near the end of May. This is the breeding that produced our pretty Ch Patton, Willa, Maxi and the other cuties. I can’t wait to see who pops out this time since the first litter was so nice. They will all be sable roughs, with possibly a sable headed white in the mix too. 

Poppy smile




Lastly, Pearl’s and Carina’s puppies are growing and doing great. Pearl’s puppies are weaned now, and they are a lively bunch! Carina’s puppies are just learning to drink from a pan to supplement Carina’s milk, and start their weaning process. Carina’s babies are starting to climb out of the whelping box,  so they will soon be joining us in the dining room. Here are some pix of the little darlings. Soon the puppies will be getting eye checks and evaluations for show potential, so some will be available around the end of May. If you have contacted me about a puppy– please stay in touch so that I don’t overlook anyone. I’m super busy these days!



The Pearl/Landon puppies

4 24 18 -L to R- Dorothy, Fintan, Nano


4 24 18 Fintan


4 23 18 Nano gets kissed


4 23 18 Dorothy with Caity


4 24 18 Folly (formerly called Fallon)


4 24 18 Kathleen


4 23 18 Nolan w Caity


4 23 18 Neil with Noah




The Carina/BoomBoom puppies


4 23 18 Truffle sit


4 23 18 Truffle


4 23 2018 Nougat


4 23 18 Nougat



4 23 2018 Taffy


4 23 18 Chunky


4 23 18 Honey


4 23 18 Reese


4 23 18 Russell




















Our sweet babies !

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Both Pearl’s and Carina’s puppies are doing awesome- getting cuter day by day.  Pearl’s puppies are a little bigger right now. Carina’s babies are right behind– making good progress too.

I’m sticking by my previous predictions on which puppies are rough or smooth. I named Pearl’s pups Irish names for now since they were born close to St. Patrick’s Day.


Fintan- sable headed white boy

Nano- sable headed white girl

Kathleen- tri headed white girl


Nolan- darker sable and white boy

Neil- gold sable and white boy

Dorothy- tri headed white girl

Fallon- tri headed white girl

Here are some pix of Pearl’s pretty puppies after a messy session in the sloppy puppy food pan.

 Click on the pictures for a larger, sharper view.














And here are some pix of our Carina/ BoomBoom babies . They have just recently opened their eyes, and started toddling around the box pretty darned fast. I am nearly 100% sure on which of Carina’s pups are rough and smooth too. I get a good clue from the pattern of the hair on their front legs. I named Carina’s babies after sweets since they were born near Easter. Of course the call names are subject to change.

Carina lost her little rough sable boy I was calling Snickers. He was the smallest pup and apparently got smothered under Carina. These accidents can happen so fast.  It’s always heartbreaking to lose a puppy. 


Carina now has only two rough puppies

 Truffle- a dark sable girl

Nougat – a sable headed white girl


The smooth babies are:

Russel (Stover) – dark sable boy

Reese (as in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)- a dark sable boy

Chunky ( the cubic candy) – a dark sable boy

Honey ( As in Bit O Honey) – a dark sable girl

Taffy- the sable merle girl

Nougat bottom, Taffy middle, and Russel top Rt


Nougat left, Tafffy middle, Russel top right


Truffle 4 14 18


Honey 4 14 18


Chunky 4 14 18


Nougat 4 14 18


Nougat close up


Reese in front, Nougat in middle with others.


4 14 18 Puppy pile with Nougat on top


More pictures later!



On the show scene- Landon- Pearl’s beautiful puppy daddy, picked up two more points this weekend bringing him to within three single points of getting his championship. I hope he gets those last points next weekend. Go Cheryl and Landon!



Out Mississippi way- Patton and Willa’s daddy got a Group 4 in a large herding group. And according to the latest point tallys, Samson is now number 10 collie in the USA! Samson is a handsome boy– sound in body and temperament, and willing to show his heart out. I am so happy for his owner- Lea Bertsch! Go Team Samson!













Blessed! The puppies are here!

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I’m counting my blessings and they are many! Above all I am thankful for Jesus- that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. Nothing tops that gift.

I am thankful for the love, kindness, and help of my family and friends.  My loved ones and buddies that have given their time and talents have brought us cheer during a season that could have been truly awful. My hubby Mike has been going through major health problems for several months. He is recovering from his latest surgery and much of my time is spent caring for him at home now.

In the midst of battling Mike’s medical issues, we have been blessed with TWO litters of puppies! Spring has arrived, and Pearl’s and Carina’s puppies are here! By March 29th we had 15 puppies! Pearl has seven pups, and Carina has eight. Even though I am really busy- these puppies are a joy! Both of these litters are co-bred, and co-owned with Cheryl Kobularcik of Cherann’s Collies. Pearl is a smooth girl, bred to a rough, and Carina is a rough girl bred to a smooth collie. This means some of the puppies will be regular rough coated collies, and some will be smooth. The babies are very young but I already have some inkling about which are smooth or rough. Before long  we can tell for sure.

Pearl has:

3 tri-headed white girls. ( I believe 2 are rough and one is smooth.)

2 sable boys . ( I believe both are roughs)

1 sable headed white boy (Smooth, I think)

1 sable headed white girl (Smooth, I think)

Pearl’s puppies are big (except the sable headed girl is a little smaller), and they are beautiful!


Pearl's group


Carina has:

1 sable merle boy that looks like a rough

1 sable headed white girl that looks like a rough.

1 dark sable girl that looks like a rough.

1 sable merle girl that looks like a smooth.

3 dark sable boys that look like smooths.

1 dark sable girl that looks like a smooth.

Very pretty babies!

Carina and pups

Breeding smooth and rough collies is like a box of chocolates– you never know what you’re gonna get! More pix and stuff to come soon.



Some awesome show news too.

Pearl’s puppy daddy- Landon- went to the Collie Club of America national show and WON THE AMERICAN BRED CLASS. I saw from photos and videos that he looked great- even among the best collies in the country! Landon- aka- Cherann’s Cherokee on Sacred Ground- is a special dog and one of the prettiest I have seen. I am proud to be watching his puppies from Pearl growing and thriving! I am thinking some of her puppies look like their beautiful sire. 

Landon at CCA

Click on the pictures for a bigger, clearer view.


Another big winner at this year’s CCA was Walker- aka Milas Walk the Line, owned by Lynn Butler and Lotta Hedman, and shown by Lotta in the 9-12 month class. Walker beat all the other non-champion rough male collies to go Winner’s Dog for a 5 point major – which finished his championship. The Milas team also won the 6-9 puppy boy class with their sable headed white boy- Milas Call Me Maybe, aka Hudson. And they won class placements with several of their beautiful girls too. To top it off, Lynn and Lotta’s boy, Tyler- won the stud dog class. Tyler (Ch Milas Walk This Way), is the sire of the winning pup- Walker and other champions. I really appreciate the style and quality of the Milas dogs, but I was especially proud of Walker’s win. The reason I was proud is that Walker’s dam was my breeding, born in my whelping box three years ago. Lynn selected Poppy’s sister Reven as a puppy from that litter, and later bred Reven to Tyler. The results are gratifying. I love Walker’s face, and see some resemblance to our Poppy and the pretty puppies she had- like Patton, Willa, and Maxi among others.

Walker at CCA


Walker at CCA 2018


Milas Play My Way (Tara)

Walker’s litter sister – Tara-  is another beauty from the Tyler/Reven litter owned by Lynn Butler and Lotta Hedman and shown by Lotta. Tara placed 2nd in a large puppy class at this year’s CCA national.

Our show season is mostly over as Patton and Willa are starting to do their big Spring shed. I am so proud of Patton who finished his championship, and did so well at the area specialty shows that he is only 1 point from finishing his grand championship thanks to Lea Bertsch’s excellent grooming and handling!  I still plan to buy some of his numerous show photos, and will be posting them soon. 

Our Willa, Patton’s sister, has done fantastic too shown by Lea and several other people. She has won most of the times she has been shown. Willa has great movement which seems to catch the judges’ eyes. Now the Navasoto shows were a different story. The show was outside and the ring was deep  with soft, loose dirt. Willa did not like putting her feet in that dirt which resulted in her not wanting to move through it at all. Poor Lea practically had to drag her around the ring, which is not like Willa. It’s OK, Willa- no more loose dirt for you! 

Willa followed the Navasoto disaster by winning more points at the San Antonio shows and even got a herding group 3. Willa was shown in the group by Rayven- a very sweet young lady. Lea was showing her pretty blue smooth champion so Miss Rayven got to show Willa. Very cool. Willa is up to 10 points now towards her championship. Since she is shedding we may have to wait until late fall and the arrival of a new coat to show Willa again.

Willa group 3

Willa CC Austin close up


Willa and Patton’s, pretty sister, Maxi, is still in coat and will hopefully get to a few more shows before the summer heat grips us. Go Lea and Maxi! I’d love to see Maxi finish her championship this year too. She is a cute one !

Maxi at CC Austin


I have a bunch of photos to buy from the professional photographers that have been taking pictures of our collies at the shows. I’ll post some when I have a chance and get them purchased. 


By the way – anyone that has contacted me about a puppy should touch base with us if you are still interested. Cheryl and I will be evaluating puppies the end of May or first of June.Some of these babies will be available when they are about 9 weeks old. We can’t keep them all!














A Weekend To Remember!

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Patton BOS Austin CC under judge Maret Halinen


Patton CC Austin Feb 25 2018



Patton CC Austin 2 25 18


Willa BB win


Willa CC Austin 2 25 18


Click on the pictures for a better view.

Last week was a dreary week of rain, mud, and me fighting a flu- like virus.  The Collie Club of Austin put on their specialty shows last weekend, and we had some of our collies entered.  The Collie Club of Austin is the largest collie club in Texas and puts on very nice shows. Our Poppy/Samson kids, Patton, Willa, and Maxi were all entered. Our friend, Lea Bertsch, had Patton and Maxi with her, and she got them to the Saturday shows along with some of her other pretty collies. I do not know how Lea does all she does. She seems to be someone that just goes for it and gets an incredible amount of stuff done, and done well. Thank you Lea -for all you have done for our dogs!

I was too sick to go to their first day of shows last Saturday. While I was sick in bed, I got a text message from Lea saying Patton had gone best in specialty show at the first show under judge Joyce Beddow! I was thrilled with the news of such a nice win for our not quite 14 month old boy- Patton.  I was so proud of our boy that I started crying. The good news perked me up a lot!  Lea and Tina Patterson convinced me to come to the shows on Sunday. I got Willa bathed and semi-groomed. Willa and I left for Austin about 5:00 AM Saturday morning. When we got to the show, Lea and Mary Visser helped me finish grooming Willa. Mary Visser demonstrated her artistry with a few snips of her scissors. I thought Lea was going to show Willa, but she had arranged for Jennifer Harper to take Willa in the ring. It was Willa’s VERY FIRST DOG SHOW! I didn’t know how well Willa would show as all I had done with her was a little practice at home. Jennifer showed Willa in the open sable class, and she won! When it came time for the winner’s bitch competition for the points, Jennifer had a previous commitment to show another collie that she has been winning with. Jamie Ennis stepped in to show Willa, and the judge, Ms. Maret Halinen, found Willa again! Willa won a four point major! I was so proud of little Willa, who showed like she had been doing it for months instead of minutes. The most beautiful thing about Willa was her movement. She moved with her head high and floated around the ring effortlessly. Willa entered the ring again behind the champions and the winner’s dog for best of variety competition. Her brother Patton, was first in line as a new champion. I thought Patton looked very nice shown by Lea. I thought Patton might win again. Lea’s own dog, (Patton and Willa’s sire), GCH Scalloway’s Lion Hunter was in the best of variety ring too- shown by Jennifer. He looked great and always shows well. There were a lot of pretty collies at this show. I had hoped that Ms. Halinen would like our type collie. I saw that Ms. Halinen’s eyes kept going back to WILLA. I was thrilled when she pointed to Willa for Best of Variety!  A few minutes later, Willa competed with the best smooth Collie for Best of Breed and won again! Willa’s brother Patton won Best of Opposite sex to his sister, Willa, meaning he won over all the other males at this show. It was certainly a weekend to remember.

At the Sunday PM Show, Willa won the open sable class again, but it was her sister Maxi who did better at this show. Maxi was reserve winner’s bitch, meaning she beat all the non-champion females except one. And it was Willa, Patton, and Maxi’s sire– GCH Scalloway’s Lion Hunter (Samson)– that was chosen Best of Breed. Samson is a handsome dog, and moves beautifully. Patton was chosen Select Dog, meaning he was second best of the champion males.  In the four shows, Patton had won one Best in Specialty show, two Best of Opposite Sex awards and a Select Dog. Pretty awesome.

We were also excited to see Juliette’s two son’s win at the Austin shows. Juliette (Ch Avalar Tairis Radiant) is a daughter of Bridgit from her first litter sired by Ch Cherann’s No Stranger To Luv, and owned by Judy Gorham. Bred to Judy’s Southland champion, Juliette produced two outstanding sons that have very recently started their show careers.  Judy’s sable boy was a reserve winner on Saturday and Sunday. And Judy’s tricolor boy was winner’s dog at both of the Sunday shows for two majors. It couldn’t have been much better.

The show photographer captured a lot of good pictures. We will be purchasing some of them and sharing them later. For now I will share a few pix I took.

Here is the moment Ms Halinen chose Willa Best of Variety, rough! It’s not a great picture, but a great moment for us!


Willa chosen BV CC Austin 2 25 18

Click on the pictures for a better view.


Here are a few pix of Willa and Tracer after their baths.


Willa and Tracer Feb 2018


Tracer Feb 2018


Willa Feb 2018



















Yay! A New Tairis Champion!

Posted By on February 11, 2018

I am so happy to announce that Patton is now CHAMPION Tairis Runnin’ Down A Dream! After his exciting 5 point win in Oklahoma under judge Carl Skinner, he picked up a 4 point major win under Carmen Leonard at the South Texas Collie Club to finish his championship! We are very proud of Patton. He has many of the traits we have been working for in our breeding program. I want to thank Jay Lee for showing Patton to his win in Oklahoma, and Lee Bertsch, Jennifer Harper, and Keleigh Kaye for showing him in South Texas.

Here are some pix showing Patton’s short journey from baby pup to big boy!  Click on the pictures for a better view.


Day 12 Patton sleeping



1 16 17 Patton with Harper on his back


2 12 17 Patton resting


2 18 17 Patton w Lea



3 12 17 Patton



Patton standing 3 31 17



Patton 4 22 17



Patton summer 2017




Patton 9 17 17




Patton CKCC Jan 2018 -5 point major!


 Click on the pictures for a bigger, sharper view.


Ringside pic of Patton -WD at South Texas CC 2 3 2018


Patton on table Jan 2018



I’m looking forward to seeing Patton’s sisters, Willa and Maxi shown next. That was such a nice litter. Poppy and Samson made a great combination!


We are super excited for Lea Bertsch- owner of GCH Scalloway’s Lion Hunter. Samson has been doing great at the shows and is taking a trip to New York City for the Westminster Dog Show! You can watch the Rough Collies shown at Westminster on Monday, Feb. 12th, at 9:30 AM on the live feed on the internet. We will be watching and cheering for Samson as he takes his spot among some of the best Collies in America! Go Team Samson!


Samson in Florida


Image result for westminster kennel club 2018















A day to celebrate!

Posted By on January 29, 2018


Patton face 1 27 18

Click on the pictures to see a clearer view.


I got to go to the Saturday portion of the Oklahoma Collie Cluster this weekend. These shows put on by the North Texas Collie Club, the Central Oklahoma Collie Club, and the Central Kansas Collie Club have become a meeting place for collie breeders from around the country. There were collies attending from as far west as California and Washington state, and northeast to New Hampshire.  Collie folks that don’t usually get down to Texas shows, often make it to this Oklahoma cluster, so it’s a treat to see collies outside our own area representing the efforts of  various  breeders. Mid America and Texas were well represented by some fine collies too.

I love to see all the collies, and especially the young hopefuls, whether they are the offspring of famous collies, or collies I don’t know.  Sometimes the collies I have only seen online are less impressive in person, and sometimes they are so beautiful they sear a lasting vision into my brain. 

As usual, there were many outstanding collies at these shows, well presented by their owners or handlers. If you have never been to a dog show, you should give one a try. I’ve been hooked on dog shows since I was 18 years old. I find it a crazy, consuming, fun, pastime. Dog shows aren’t for everyone, but sometime you might want to help a collie show person get ready for a show, and go through the whole experience with them to appreciate the work involved. There is drama, comedy, and great friendships made at dog shows. Some people may find them pointless, and that’s OK. I personally don’t get the point of driving cars at crazy speeds around a track (sorry NASCAR fans.) So-  to each his own. For me, seeing well bred, beautifully groomed collies strut around the ring – competing to be chosen BEST – is a keen pleasure. 

I hoped to take more pictures at this show, but I misplaced my SD card and had to run to Target for a new one. I was also distracted because my sweet boy Patton was at these shows and I was mostly paying attention to him – keeping him brushed up and happy. Patton is a big boy that is still my baby at 13 months of age.  Like most collies, he’s a sensitive lad. 

Patton on table at OK show


The rough boy winning the points at the Saturday shows was a tri headed white pup called Scarborough’s Rocky Mountain High (Kipper). Kipper has a beautiful face and great movement like his mother Flurry.  That’s right- his mother is one of my favorite collies- Ch St. Roch’s Moonlight Serenade – affectionately known as Flurry. I love Flurry. She is the mother of our own Carina. Flurry was  bred by Jeanie Driscol, and is owned by Nick and Ellen Moyer. Kipper’s sire is another excellent white – Ch Scarborough’s White Line Fever. I snapped this picture of Kipper on the grooming table. He was bred by Alma Metz, Connie Metz, and Nick Moyer, and is owned by Jessica King. 

Scarborough's Rocky Mt High

I also got to see a sister of Scarborough’s Rocky Mountain High owned by Nick and Ellen Moyer. “Sunny” is a lovely sable merle headed white girl called St. Roch’s Break In The Clouds. Her face is breathtaking, and she has that same great movement. She was a joy to watch.

Sunny Jan 27 2018


Sunday, January 28th was Patton’s turn to shine. Patton did well and looked pretty shown Friday and Saturday by Larry Patterson. It was Sunday however when the magic happened. When Jay Lee showed Patton- WOW! -  Patton looked awesome. Patton won winner’s dog. That is- he beat the other non-champion males. Then Patton went back in the ring to compete against the winner of the non-champion girls. There were a LOT of girls at this show, and Patton won ! That gave Patton a 5 point major win under judge Carl Skinner. That’s a nice win! I’m so proud of Patton, and so thankful to all the people that helped. It is very hard for me to go to shows with Mike still having health problems. Lea Bertsch (owner of Patton’s sire) has been taking care of Patton and getting him to some of the shows this winter. Frank and April Trevino transported Patton to Oklahoma for me. Once there, Tina and Larry Patterson took Patton under their wings as did Jay Lee. Collie people are the best! 


Here is a snapshot of Patton with Jay.

Patton with Jay 1 27 18

Click on the pictures to see a clearer view. 


The icing on Sunday’s cake was Patton’s sire, GCH Scalloway’s Lion Hunter winning best collie in show!!! On Saturday Samson got two best of opposite sex awards to two different and lovely champion girls.  Samson looked great- again shown by the irrepressible Jay Lee!


Samson in Florida with Jennifer Harper

We have more shows coming up in South Texas next weekend. I can’t wait to see what happens! Winter in Texas is collie show time!














































Good news / Bad news

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First the bad news- disappointing anyway. Neither Tracer nor Reba are going to have puppies. I thought for sure they were both pregnant, but I began to get concerned that even though they had both thickened in the middle,  I could feel no puppies. They both went to the vet last Saturday. The sonograms confirmed my suspicions that there were no puppies. They had blossomed eating my pregnancy diet – not from puppies.

We have some other breedings planned, but I’m not going to say much about them until pregnancies are confirmed.



My husband Mike is home from the hospital recuperating from surgery, so I spend most of my time looking after him. But this past weekend, our daughter Caitlin and her family came over to be with Mike, and I took a brief trip to the Nolan River Dog Show in Glen Rose. Lea Bertsch was showing our Poppy/Samson son Patton for us. Patton was winner’s dog/ best of winners on Saturday and Sunday, bringing his point total to six. He is doing good as a one year old. We are proud of our Paddy Pat. Lea loves Patton, and does a great job showing him. It was also fun to see Patton’s sire, Samson, at the show. Samson is looking awesome! He was best of variety Sunday over another beautiful special.



Patton at Nolan River 1/ 7 / 2018




Patton w Lea at Nolan River 1/ 7 / 2018


Click on the photos for a bigger view.















Go Samson! Updated!

Posted By on December 18, 2017

Samson after winning a Group 4


Samson in FL


I just wanted to say GO SAMSON, and Congratulations Lea Bertsch! Samson was bred by Lea Bertsch and her daughters, and Debbie Price. He is owned by Lea. Samson, aka GR CH Scalloways Lion Hunter, took a trip to the Florida Eukanuba shows with David and Jennifer Harper, and has done great! The Eukanuba shows attract some of the top dogs in the USA. Last I heard, Samson has won two best of variety awards, a group 4, and I believe an award of merit. I am so happy for Lea, and proud to see how well this Texas born and raised boy has done. He is an all around lovely collie with an equally nice temperament.

Lea Bertsch hit it out of the park with the Eve/ Conan breeding that produced Samson. I believe there are now 10 champions (maybe more) from two litters produced by breeding Eve and Conan. I admire Lea’s dedication in seeing that these fine collies got their championships. Most of them also have their grand championships!

 Samson is not only an excellent quality collie himself, he appears to pass his quality on to his offspring! I’m happy that the genes that produced Samson and his pretty siblings are now incorporated in Tairis Collies through the Poppy/Samson kids- Patton, Willa and Maxi.


Samson in Florida with Jennifer Harper- Dec. 2017



I’m hoping to have good news from the Nolan River shows in Glen Rose, TX next weekend.

Image result for small happy face emoji

We are also preparing for puppies sired by Patton, out of our girl Tracer in about two weeks.  And we will be whelping the litter sired by Patton for Lea’s smooth champion girl, Reba, the first of February while Lea is off to dog shows.
















The love of Mike

Posted By on December 6, 2017

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.  (John Lennon) – Lennon hit on a profound truth here – with its roots in the Bible.

I’m busy. You’re busy. We are all running around planning for this and that. Hopefully though, we remember to enjoy the many moments that make up our lives. Hopefully we also remember to live in the NOW.

With my partner of 37 years spending so much time in the hospital, perilously ill at times, I entered a new level of BUSY. It has been dizzying to spend as much time as possible with Mike, and to keep up with his care and condition while still working full time.

What I see clearly now is that all of the things around me are temporary. The dust bunnies, the dirty laundry, and the overgrown hedges can all wait. Expressing love to those around me is what can’t wait.

Thank you to my friends that have been so generous with their kind words, prayers, and shoulders to cry on.  You are a Godsend, and I love you.

I appreciate my son and daughter and their significant others, as well as my brother who have been so helpful and supportive while Mike has been sick. You are all such a blessing. I love you all so much!

My beautiful collies don’t know why I have had less time to spend with them, but they are eager, wonderful friends always there to show their love and lift my spirits. Collies have enriched my life as far back as I can remember. Hopefully, we will have lots of playtime together by Christmas!

Most of all I want to express my love to Mike, my longtime partner on this journey together. Our lives have been a rollercoaster ride- honestly never a dull moment. I doubt we will ever have a dull moment together, but I do hope for some peaceful ones to enjoy as we settle into our retirement years. I want to thank you, Mike, for giving me a life of full-tilt love.



Here are some pictures of Mike with our collies. He knew how much I loved collies so he embraced them too. 





I will be retired by Christmas, after working over 40 years, and Mike should be home before Christmas. It should be one of the happiest Christmas times ever.

 By mid- January, I hope Tracer will bless us with some beautiful, brown collie babies. There is nothing more fun than collie babies!