The dog days of August and an invitation

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8 -6 -2017 Bridgit, Willa, and Melly

Click on the pictures for a better view


We’ve made it to August. Summer is my least favorite time of year. I just don’t like hot weather and neither do our collies. But air conditioning makes summer days in north Texas bearable. I don’t know how people used to live here without A/C. I don’t want to speak too soon, with most of August and all of September to go – but this summer has not been that bad. We have certainly had hotter June’s and July’s here. More than usual rain has helped I guess.

I’ve been so busy at work, I don’t feel like doing much when I get home but chilling on the couch. After the initial greeting  I get from our collies when I come home from work, our dogs are quite content to chill with me, nap, and maybe gnaw a bone. (The dogs gnaw the bones – not me- although I have been known to chew a well done baby back rib.)

As I have gotten older, I’ve realized more and more that it’s important to enjoy every day, and to also act in ways that have a positive effect on people. None of us know if we will be here for the next day. This is especially true for the people driving on I 35, Loop 820, I 30 and I 20, etc.!  The growth of the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex area has created a situation of overwhelming traffic problems. Wrecks are an everyday thing. Thank God, I plan to retire the end of November! Less than four months to go!!! Yippee! I’m sorry for the people stuck in the freeway rat race. My exit is coming up!

Hopefully, retirement will give me the time to enjoy more things with my family, including our dogs of course. I’m looking forward to showing Poppy’s puppies, Patton and Willa. They are sound and pretty pups, and I think they will do well when cool weather brings more coat. Layla is taking a vacation with her breeder/co-owner Cheryl Kobularcik in Missouri. Hopefully Layla will put on coat and go to some shows with Cheryl. It tends to stay much cooler in Cheryl’s neck of the woods than in Texas.

My autumn dog show plans are going to depend on whether Merci and Melody are pregnant. I’m getting sonograms on both of them on August 12th. Neither of them are huge- so we will see what the sonogram shows. I can’t wait to find out. I hope both girls took. Both breedings have great potential.

Here are a few au natural snapshots of our collies I took this weekend. Most of them could use some brushing. 


8 6 17 Love my Bridgit


8 6 17 Patton - looking like his mamma Poppy


Poppy 8 9 15- compare to her son Patton's face


Poppy last year. Patton definitely has his mother's face




Here is Poppy at about the same age as Patton


8 6 17 Patton




Poppy's girl - Willa


8 6 17 Willa




Pretty Tracer FINALLY starting to shed.



Merci and Melly prefer it inside!


Here is a current picture of Evie (aka Celeste)

I received this picture of Celeste- now called Evie from her new owner. Evie is the little white sister of Willa, Patton, Maxi, etc from the Poppy/ Samson litter. She sure has grown! I’m crazy about the puppies from that litter. 


Open invitation to any collie lovers in the general Fort Worth/ Dallas area:

You are invited to join us for a Sunday afternoon get together - usually held bi-monthly at the Ol’ South Pancake House on University Drive in Fort Worth. We will be there this coming Sunday, August 13th, 2017 at 3:00 PM. Feel free to join us, indulge in some Ol’ South food, and talk about collies and club activities.  For more information email Debbie at:


Go Maxi and Lea!

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Maxi first point 7 13 17

Click on the picture for a bigger view.


Our internet at home has been down since yesterday. AT&T said it may take a while to fix. It’s a TEXAS problem. Whatever… So I’m doing a very quick post from my work computer.

Our Poppy/Samson pups are 6 months old now. They are looking lanky and not too coaty in this blazing Texas heat. Willa and Patton – that I kept  – play outside in the mornings when the temperatures are mild, but spend most of the day chilling in the A/C like our adult collies. Maxi, the sister that is now co-owned with Lea Bertsch and living with her, has been busy while Willa and Patton are lazing around.

Lea being the show trooper she is, is still going to shows this summer, and finishing more champions all the time. She finished another smooth champion today- another champion from the combination of Conan and Eve. It is hard to keep a count of how many champions Eve and Conan have produced.

Six month old Maxi went to her first shows this week with Lea. I’m proud to report that Maxi was winner’s bitch at her first show on 7/13/2017 for her first point, and repeated her win today at her second show for her second point. Great job Lea!       Update: third show – third point!

I’m hoping to get Willa and Patton ready for their first show by this fall. I still have high hopes for these pups. I think almost the whole litter had show potential. I wish I could inspire more people to get out to shows. It’s a pretty fun hobby that families can enjoy together.

I will be burning up the highway between Fort Worth and Missouri this weekend. Ms. Merci has been bred to the very handsome Pride, and I am anxious to get her back home. I think it is a great match, and hope to have puppies born in September.  I appreciate Jeanie  Driscoll taking care of Merci and getting her bred. I appreciate my friend Cheryl for letting me spend the night at ‘Chez Cherann’s.’  Collie people are the best!



























Road Trip +

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Only a great husband would be so understanding about his wife taking off to Missouri without him on the 37th anniversary of our wedding! After all these years, my sweet husband has come to understand that doggy stuff can’t always fit into a preferred schedule. Mike stayed home to hold down the fort and take care of our doggies while I visited my collie friends, Cheryl and Jeanie. It was a quick but enjoyable trip.

Cheryl is a superb hostess!  No one goes hungry at her house! It was a treat to be able to talk face to face about collie stuff and a hundred other things. Cheryl has some beautiful collies and her yearling dog, Landon, is one of the prettiest young collie boys I have ever seen. She didn’t want me to take pictures as it was raining off and on and her dogs got a tad dirty. But dirty or not –  Landon looks like a painting of an ideal collie type.  His sister Tracy that I co-own with Cheryl is a pretty and elegant girl, but Landon is going to be a show stopper! I can’t wait to see what he looks like next winter. Watch for him. His AKC name is Cherann’s Cherokee on Sacred Ground. Here is a picture of him from last February. He has only gotten prettier as he is growing up. Cheryl is going to have fun showing him.


Landon as a pup in February 2017

Click on pictures for enlarged view.


I also got to visit with Jeanie Driscoll and left our girl Merci in Jeanie’s care. Merci has finally come in season, and the plan is to breed her to Ch Jjaed’s Pride of St. Roch, bred by Nick and Ellen Moyers, and owned by Jeanie and Nick. Pride is an outstanding son of the beautiful Flurry. Pride is a sable merle headed white – like his mother Flurry- and moves as well as his momma! He has excellent structure and a pretty face too. I hope things work out, and that Merci will have some pretty puppies sired by Pride in September. Puppies from this combination will all be white factored, but no whites as Merci is not white factored. We could have sables, sable merles, blues and tricolors from this breeding. It is a complimentary breeding of two nice collies with excellent pedigrees.


More updates to follow on Merci and the rest of our collie family soon.




Pedigree for Merci Pride breeding

Click on the link above to see the pedigree.

































The Dog Flu

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I generally go the conservative route on vaccinating our dogs- heeding the advice of esteemed vets such as Dr. Ruth Dodds on such matters.  But there is a relatively new threat facing our dogs in the form of canine influenza. And it is not just one strain of flu, attacking dogs in America, but two.

In 2004, a strain of influenza A that was affecting horses apparently mutated and became capable of infecting dogs. This is the strain of dog flu called H3N8. It has popped up in outbreaks sporadically since then in numerous states across the USA – including racing greyhound kennels. 

In 2015, a new strain of canine flu strain called H3N2 appeared in Chicago. H3N2 apparently came to the US from birds imported from Asia. 

Neither H3N8, or H3N2 have been found to affect humans, but they are wrecking havoc in the dog show world.  Places where dogs gather together in large numbers are a perfect storm for spreading canine flu. Dogs attending recent dog shows in Georgia and Louisiana have died. Dog flu has been confirmed in at least 40 states. According to Texas A & M Veterinary Laboratory, because this is a new disease, almost all dogs exposed to it will catch the virus.  20 % of dogs exposed to the virus will have no symptoms. 80% will show symptoms, although most of them will only have a mild form of the disease.  20% will develop the severe form of the infection – showing acute respiratory illness including pneumonia and difficulty breathing. The fatality rate is reported at only 10%, but if you are the one to lose a beloved pet, that is little consolation.

Many vets are not recommending that the average dog be vaccinated for dog flu. But I don’t consider my dogs to be the average dogs. If your dogs never leave your home, they may be safe from dog flu, but show dogs are definitely at risk. Dogs going any place where large numbers of dogs gather, may be exposed to the dog flu viruses and bring an infection back home – exposing other dogs. This is a highly contagious disease.  Dr Dodds (that I admire greatly) feels that dogs do not need this vaccine if they are healthy and have strong immune systems. I usually agree with the idea of doing minimal vaccinations so as not to overwhelm the dog’s immune systems. But my gut feeling on the canine flu is that a 10% fatality rate is scary. I’m vaccinating our dogs with the bivalent flu shots, covering both H3N2 and H3N8. I suspect that the bivalent dog flu shot will have to become part of our routine vaccination protocol. Merck Labs have made the bivalent vaccine containing both H3N2 and H3N8 in one shot available to vets and some companies handling vet supplies. Boxes of 25 have been available from Revival Animal Supply, Lambert Vet Supply, A to Z Vet supplies and other companies. Due to an overwhelming demand, the supply is scarce, and the prices are not cheap.

Dog show folks are taking the threat of canine influenza seriously. The Texarkana shows scheduled for June 17-18, 2017 have been cancelled due to concerns about the current outbreak.




dog flu

Click on the picture for a clear view.






It’s June now, and we are looking at highs in the 90′s this week. There is just no avoiding the heat for very long in Texas. I thank God for air conditioning every summer. Our Poppy/Samson puppies are 5 months, going on six months old. They are looking gangly right now,but I hope by winter they will coat up and be ready to make a splash at some shows.

Here are a few pix I took today. Click on the pictures for a enlarged view.


Patton sit 6 12 2017


Patton Left, Willa center, Maxi right- 6 12 17


Willa 6 12 17



Willa front, Castle back 6 12 17


Willa in group 6 12 17


Maxi sit 6 12 17


Maxi side 6 12 18



Merci with Mike 6 12 17


Merci in front 6 12 17


Tracer head study 6 12 17


Melly resting 6 12 17

 Melody says “Goodnight!”


It’s not that easy.

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Roger 5 21 17



Roger with new owner 5 21 17


People coming to see our puppies often ask me, “How can you stand to let them go?”  Well, it isn’t usually easy. They are lots of tugs on my heart when our puppies leave with new owners. I would never let a puppy go unless I was convinced it was to great people that would give the puppy the care he or she deserved. It’s so easy to lose your heart to puppies you have nurtured for so many days and nights. Roger left us today. We had him about three weeks longer than we usually keep puppies going to pet homes. As the new owners were driving from a good distance, it worked out that way. Roger was always a special one. He didn’t necessarily have the most show potential, but he was probably the sweetest puppy I can ever remember holding. I will certainly miss that little guy.  ♥

I sometimes think about the money we spend on dog food, dog supplements,  heartworm preventative, and all the rest, and I realize that with what we spend on our dogs, we could have had a lot of nice vacations, and a lot of other niceties. I rarely take a vacation that doesn’t involve dogs- usually either going to dog shows, or doing a breeding to a special male. It’s been my choice. I fell in love with collies as a kid, and got hooked on going to dog shows as a teenager. I have no regrets. My collies are a constant in my life. Some of them drive me crazy at times, but their love and companionship are something I hope to never be without. 


I ran over a big cement thing that messed up my car causing me to miss the Saturday Denton show. I got it fixed Saturday so that my daughter Caitlin, and grandson Camron and I got to go to the Denton show on Sunday. I didn’t have time to get Merci groomed  like I wanted, so we just took Tracer to the show. She looked pretty, I thought. It was Tracer’s first show, and our daughter’s first time to ever go in the show ring. They did pretty good considering the small amount of practice they had. Caity and Camron were both surprised at the amount of work involved in going to a show. There is so much stuff you have to load, unload, reload and unload again. Camron was super useful! He has gotten so big and strong! Helping me at the show was part of their Mother’s Day gift to me, and we had a lot of fun! It was probably our last show until fall as almost all the collies are dumping their coats now. 

Tracer 5 14 17 Denton

Getting ready for our 3 minutes in the show ring.

Tracer and Caity at Denton 5 14 17


Merci MAY 2017

Next time Merci!


 Our Poppy/Samson puppies are almost 5 months old, and in the not so cute gangly stage. I can still see lots of potential in them, and plan to take them to some shows when cool weather rolls around again next fall and winter. They are big, rowdy puppies with angel faces.  It’s all I can do to keep up with their ears! They tear the tapes out about as fast as I can get them in– the little brats.


PATTON 5 22 17



Willa 5 22 17



Maxine in the old flowerbed 5 22 17

I can’t wait to see what Patton, Willa and Maxine look like next winter!















Mini update

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Mike and I have been a little under the weather so I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures this weekend. Bart and Betty are in their new homes and Roger’s new owners will be picking him up soon. Roger is the sweetest puppy. It will be tough to let him go.  I got a couple of cute pictures of Bart before he left for South Texas.

4 29 17 Bart


4 29 17 Bart with new owner Courtney


4 29 17 Roger and Bart resting


Most all our collies are doing a big shed now, but Tracer and Merci still look nice so they are going to the Denton show next weekend for a little fun and socialization.

Poppy’s puppies that we kept here are doing good to be in the gawky, leggy stage. I still think they are going to be awesome. I was going to get some pictures but by the time I got their ears done, I ran out of steam and out of daylight. I like outdoor pix of the collies so much more than indoor shots.

I heard exciting news from our friend Nick Moyers, in Tulsa, owner of the one and only Flurry- aka, Ch St Roch’s Moonlight Serenade. Flurry is in PA with Alma Metz for a litter. She was bred to Tahoe, Alma’s new white champion male. Alma helped Flurry bring 9 beautiful white rough collies into the world! An all white litter with sable, tricolor and sable merle markings. I’ll bet they are beautiful!



We may possibly have one more litter from our beautiful Bridgit. We bred her to Chance, aka Gr Ch Scalloway’s Take A Chance, last week. Chance is the brother of Samson who sired Poppy’s beautiful litter. Chance and Samson have 8 champion siblings, and two other siblings that should also complete their championships. That is outstanding! Here is a little snapshot of Chance from the 2016 CCA in Kentucky. He is a handsome, white factored sable merle boy with excellent movement. I really hope our Madam Bridgit takes.

Chance at CCA 2016





















A few more pix

Posted By on April 26, 2017

Spring in North Texas can be cold, hot, stormy. You never know this time of year. Last weekend we had mild, pleasant days to spend  time playing with our collies. It’s a pleasure to watch them play chase, and  run around the yard with big collie smiles. We give them balls and toys to play with, but more often than not they find amusement with a big stick. Each of our collies have unique personalities and interesting ways of communication. I enjoy them all.

Here are a few more snapshots from last Saturday. Layla’s babies seem to have two speeds – full blast and down for the count. It makes it a little hard to get good pictures. The Layla/ Castle puppies continue to do well. They got their health check up at the vet today, and he pronounced them A-OK. We have the eye checks on Friday, and then they will be going to new homes shortly after that. They are in the fluffy, aren’t I cute stage now.

4 23 17 Bart and Betty run

This photo shows why it’s hard to get a good picture of the little pups. It is run, run, run, then sleep.

4 22 17 Bart, Betty, and Willa L to R


4 22 17 Betty and Desi share a branch


4 22 17 Betty left, and Roger right


4 22 17 Layla, Roger, Melly, and Bart


Desi, Melly, and Bart with a stick



4 22 17 Layla's 3 pups



Roger and Willa modifying flood barrier 4 22 17

Another example of the dogs playing with something not intended to be a dog toy. They removed the flood barrier from the flowerbed and had a great time with it.

4 22 17 Bart sitting for a second


4 22 18 Betty down




4 22 2017 Roger standing


There is never enough time on the weekends…




I want to congratulate some of my good collie friends that did great at dog shows last weekend.

First, Cheryl Kobularcik and Susan’s Joslin’s pretty girl Leena finished her championship! She may now go by Ch. Alcor and Cherann’s Entwined! Leena is a littermate of our Layla, and sibling to three other champions. They are all sired by Miguel (Ch Cherann’s No Stranger to Luv), out of Susan’s pretty Marti (Ch Alcor With A Twist.)

Leena first major



At the same shows in Arkansas, Jeanie Driscol and Nick Moyer’s handsome white boy, Pride, also finished his championship. Now he is Ch Jjaed’s Pride of St. Roch! Pride is a great moving son of the one and only Ch Flurry- aka Ch St Roch’s Moonlight Serenade, sired by Ch Scarborough Milas Intensity.




Pride CCA 2016




At the Bossier City dog shows, our friend Lea Bertsch finished her blue smooth boy, Shady’s, championship. Not only that- he went on to a Group 4 in the Herding Group! That makes about 10 champions from that breeding. Shady is a younger brother of Samson, who sired Poppy’s beautiful litter. Lea has two more from the second litter that will probably finish their championships which would make it a dozen champions from the combination of Conan, and Eve. Talk about a good nick!


Congratulations to all the breeders and owners of these outstanding collies!











Pedigrees- Layla/Castle pups, etc.

Posted By on April 21, 2017

Pedigree of potential Merci/ Castle puppies

Pedigree of Layla Castle puppies

 Click on the pedigrees to view them.

I enjoy looking at pedigrees. I especially enjoy thinking about the dogs listed on a pedigree if I have seen them in the flesh. I like to think of male and female collies that make a perfect match in my imagination. I guess it would be something like playing fantasy football – maybe? I know there are other pedigree nerds out there. Even if you don’t know anything about a dog on a pedigree, chances are you can find him or her on Google! I feel privileged to have seen a lot of the collies on our dogs’ pedigrees in person.

I thought I would post the pedigree of the Layla/Castle puppies- or the Three Musketeers as I sometimes call them.  Right now I think the babies are built more like Castle- but I could be surprised when they mature.  Layla’s babies are growing, doing great and looking cuter every week. They run and play like maniacs, but after playtime, they melt in my arms when I pick them up. These are some sweet puppies. ♥


I will hopefully have time to add some more pictures on the blog of the Layla/ Castle babies, and some other pix later this weekend.



4 22 2017 Bart




4 22 17 Betty chewing a dirt ball



4 22 17 Roger

 Click on the individual pictures for a larger view.



I am hoping to breed Merci to Castle when she comes in season. Merci is a daughter of the incredible Gr Ch Aurealis Coldplay. She is also a sister of the beautiful Ch Milas The Piano Player, and some other lovely siblings. We were blessed to have the opportunity to co-own Merci with Nancy Weber. I love Merci’s profile, and her sweet, fun personality. We hope she will be in season soon. I feel like Castle is a great match for her. We plan to show Merci again after she has a litter.  She has 3 points towards her championship. If she comes in season pretty soon, the timing should be good to show her next winter.

I also listed the potential Merci/ Castle pedigree. I love the “Carlos Connections.”

Pictures coming later this weekend if possible.


Here is a picture of Merci’s sire at a show – sorry I don’t know who took it. Gr Ch Aurealis Coldplay was bred by, and is owned by Aurealis Collies- Debbie Falk and her daughters.


Gr Ch Aurealis Coldplay


 Here is a picture I took today of Merci.



Here is a picture I took today of Castle- who is ready for his big Spring shed.

Ch Monarch Cornerstone- aka Castle- 4 22 17

Interesting that Castle, Gr Ch Aurealis Coldplay, Gr Ch Aurealis I Am Whimsical, and Poppy’s sire Gr- Ch Aurealis Endeavor, and some other lovely champions, are all sired by Ch Milas Aurealis Latin Samba, who is obviously a phenomenal sire.













































Layla’s puppies meet Springtime.

Posted By on April 10, 2017

I finally had a chance to take Layla’s puppies outside to have some new adventures in the sunshine. It’s always interesting to see how they will react to going outside. In their indoor kingdom, Betty seems to be in charge. Outside it was Bart who went wild – running around right away having the time of his life!  Bart was followed by Roger.  Roger became fast friends with Poppy’s puppies, especially with Patton. I was happy to see how gentle Patton and Willa were with the Layla/ Castle babies. Bouncing Betty wasn’t too sure about the grass and rocks outside. She seemed to prefer the smooth surface of the patio. Finally, she ventured out in the yard with the boys, but kept circling back to the patio. Eventually, curiosity got the best of Betty, and she had fun running around in the yard too. Our 11 month old pup, Tracer, was also good with the babies. I was prepared to separate them, but they had a good playtime together. It was a beautiful, mild, sunny day. I wish we could get the pretty Spring days without all the pollen making me sneeze, but I guess that’s part of the deal. Here are a few pix of the puppies enjoying a nice Spring day.

4 9 17 Bart front, Betty back


4 9 17 Bart

It was hard to get pictures of Bart. He was very busy running around.

4 9 17 Betty Left, Rogers butt, Bart right, Tracer behind


4 9 17 Roger left,Patton center, Betty right


4 9 17 Betty right, Patton center, Roger behind


4 9 17 Roger Left, Patton center, Betty Rt


4 9 17 Roger left, Betty right


4 9 17 Patton nuzzling Roger


4 9 17 Roger


4 9 17 Betty by Patton



4 9 17- Willa

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? 



Puppy Love

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04/01/20 17 Roger left, Betty back, Bart right


It’s been a hard week since the death of my Dad. He and my mom were wonderful people, and I have also been blessed with the love and support of my husband, kids, cousins, friends and other loved ones. I am very grateful for their hugs, prayers and kind wishes. Besides my human family, I have relished the companionship of our collies. From the oldest one, Melody, to Poppy’s 13 week old puppies, and Layla’s 4 week old babies, they have also been there to nuzzle me and lift my spirits. Collies seem to KNOW when we need them. I don’t think there is another breed so sensitive.

Layla’s pups are four and a half weeks old and doing good. They are getting vocal, and some pretty hilarious noises come out of their mouths. They like to climb into our laps  and chew our toes. They all seem to have cute personalities, sturdy bodies and pretty coats. I love to watch them discover new things to eat, and new things to play with. Hardly anything is more fun that watching puppies play. Here are a few pix of the three Layla/Castle puppies.

 Click on each picture for a larger view.

04/01/2017- Bart


3 30 17 Bart



3 30 17 Betty left -Bart right



4/ 01/ 17 - Betty



3 30 17 Betty


4 1 17 Betty side


3 30 17 Roger side


4 1 17 Roger


3 30 17 Bart left Roger right


3 30 17 Roger left, Betty center, Bart right


3 30 17 Roger with Mike



I’m still over the moon about our Poppy/Samson puppies. They are so sweet and still beautiful to me at 13 weeks old. Here are a few pix of the three puppies I hope to show next winter.


Patton w Mike 4 1 17


Patton sit 3 31 17


Patton standing 3 31 17


Willa and MIke 4 1 17


Willa 3 31 17


Willa 3 31 17 sit


Maxine 13wks, photo by June

Maxi – aka- Lassie- is co-owned with the Campbells in Dallas and lives with them.

Maxine (Lassie) resting 13 weeks photo by June