We co-bred 2 litters with Cheryl Kobularcik, of Cherann’s Collies. Cheryl has a sable and white rough boy show prospect, and some very pretty smooth puppy show prospects too- including a tri headed white girl, a sable boy and a sable merle girl. These puppies are in Missouri with Cheryl. Some may be available as pets to great homes.    Email  Cheryl at cherannscollies@gmail.com. 






Here in Texas at Tairis Collies, we have a new litter of eight rough babies born May 24, 2018, from our champion girl- Poppy- ( Ch Tairis A League Of Her Own) sired by Samson – the nationally ranked, group winning, very handsome bronze Grand Champion Scalloway’s Lion Hunter. There are three sable and white girls, three sable and white boys, a sable headed white boy and a sable headed white girl.  They are doing great! We are excited to see how these puppies turn out because the first litter from this breeding had exceptional quality and consistency. We got two best in specialty winners from the first litter, and hope these new babies will be just as nice! Some of the puppies are reserved. A couple may be available near the end of July.   Check for pictures on my blog.


Poppy and her 3 week old puppies

Click on the picture for a bigger view.



Check out my Blog for more pix of our puppies!





Sailor Man is available

Lea Bertsch is making her CHAMPION smooth boy, Sailor available to the right home. Sailor loves people and prefers hanging out with girl doggies. He would make a fun dog for a young person to show in AKC Jr. handling, or I’m sure he would be happy to curl up on your couch and watch TV. You can email Lea at Leabertsch@aol.com



We love our yearling Poppy son, Patton, and hope he will sire some pretty puppies for us in the future.                                 

Patton face 1 27 18





Click on the pictures for a bigger, clearer view.




Patton CKCC Jan 2018 5 point win



























We hope to have some Castle puppies in the future also.



Here are some pictures of some of our puppies from previous litters- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE PUPPIES.

Some of the Poppy - Samson pups: Harper, Winston, Maxi, Willa, Doss

 Click on the pictures for a better view.


8 weeks Rey sit


Bridgit/ Ryan daughter- Reven


Melly son - Glass


baby Lexi Dory Oct 2015


1 29 17 Celeste Grrrr

******************************************************    ******************************************************






























Let me know if I can help in your search for a collie. I love to help good people find good collies.  You can email me at tairiscollies@yahoo.com



Bridgit with her first litter










9 Responses to “Available”

  1. Linda Newsome says:


    I’m looking to add a new baby to our family. Buckeye is almost 4 yrs old now that we got from you and I can’t believe what a beautiful lady she has turned out to be. Please let me know about new babies coming soon. I would like to get a Brutus for her to play with. I will email you some pics of Buckeye shortly, so you can see what a beautiful lady she has become.

    Thanks, Linda Newsome

  2. Wanda Mack says:

    Hi Debbie, please keep me in mind for one of your babies. I so enjoyed seeing all your beautiful dogs.

  3. Diana Gulig says:


    We are looking for a collie puppy. Do you have a waiting list? If you do have a litter we would love to see them.

    Thank you,
    Diana Gulig
    Argyle, Texas

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Diana,
    We do have a waiting list. I hope to have puppies born in May. If we do, some could be ready for a new home in July. I tried to email you but your email bounced back. Just email me directly at tairiscollies@yahoo.com.

  5. Catherine Guilbeau says:

    Debbie, Thanks for the visit! Was wonderful! And congrats on your 7 new babies!

  6. Margaret Lambkin says:

    I have always said, there is nothing sweeter or cuter than a collie puppy, unless it is a litter of collie puppies. You are blessed, Debbie.

  7. Margaret Lambkin says:

    BTW, Jackson is doing great, and he is the love my life, just like all of my other collies.

  8. Debbie says:

    Hi Margaret, Glad to hear things are great with Jackson! Collies are a joy! :)

  9. Manisha says:

    More gorgeous dogs! Congratulations!

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